Fraternity Fantasies

Evan Knoxx Gets Doused in Explosive Fraternity Bukkake

A fraternity bukkake is arguably my #1 fantasy ever…it sounds like heaven. Can you imagine pledge week coming down to you taking multiple frat jock loads to the face in order to get accepted? Sign me the fuck up!

We simply don’t get enough bukkake porn. In fact, I wish a top studio would start a new line devoted strictly to bukkake, showcasing all-oral action from start to creamy finish. We got a hot taste of what that could be like last December, when Beau Butler spent his birthday bash getting creamed by six big dicks. Now Next Door gives us its best shot, and it’s a great one: A new Fraternity Fantasies entry that climaxes with Evan Knoxx getting coated in the big loads of all-stars Jayden Marcos, Justin Matthews, Elliot Finn and Julian Brady.

Fraternity Fantasies Fraternity Fantasies

Fraternity Fantasies

Any time we see Jayden in a Frat Fantasies scene, we know we’re in for a treat (like when he made his debut as a Next Door Exclusive flip-fucking Carter Woods, or when he topped excited frat bro Nick Thompson). Now he adds another winner to his collection, and proves to be a centerpiece of the action with his verbal alpha nature. It all starts when poor Evan can’t catch a break when he’s trying to study.

Fraternity Fantasies Fraternity Fantasies

Fraternity Fantasies

His frat bros decide it would be more fun to quiz him on their dicks, so they blindfold him and take turns stuffing his face. Then Elliot wants in on the guessing game, so he puts the blindfold on as his buds take turns fucking him from behind. Then the blindfold comes off and the five hot fuckers suck and fuck each other in a hot variety of positions.

Fraternity Fantasies Fraternity Fantasies

Fraternity Fantasies

That includes some tag-team sucking; Jayden fucking Elliot doggy style (I love how the bottom backs up on Jayden’s big dick) while also stroking off Justin; Jayden and Evan fist bumping as they top; Elliot getting spit roasted; Justin showing off his versatility; and the hot finish with Evan getting back on his knees to take four loads to the face. One of my favorite scenes of the year!

How often do you partake in a bukkake session? On your knees, or making a mess of the sucker?

See the full scene at Next Door Studios!


7 thoughts on “Evan Knoxx Gets Doused in Explosive Fraternity Bukkake”

  1. I would love getting coated in all that semen after such hot fucking and sucking. I’d want the dudes to be calling me their bitch, though! :)

  2. Jayden Marcos made out like a champ. I think he had his eyes on Julian’s fine booty before that scene began. Love watching Marcos top especially when he deliberately over-acts.

  3. treasure island has a Drunk on Cum series “D.O.C ” that is by far the best face splashing cum swallowing stuff I’ve ever seen, check it out boys

  4. remember when studios promised to be more diverse in the content they were creating… guess that was an empty promise.

  5. Only thing wrong w/ this scene is Jayden Marcos doesn’t get fucked. Love when he takes a cock, his cock remains hard AF.

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