Jayden Marcos, Carter Woods

Frat Bro Jayden Marcos & His Big Dick Make Debut as Next Door Studios Exclusive

Since joining the industry in 2019, Jayden Marcos has spent most of his career on GayHoopla. But a few weeks ago, Next Door Studios announced the jock as its latest exclusive—and he now makes his studio debut in a fraternity fantasy with sexy Carter Woods.

“After filming him, I knew Jayden had to be a part of the Next Door Studios team,” said Director of Production Walden Woods, who directed this scene. “He’s the perfect fit, with a great personality and an infectious smile. I’m very excited to welcome him to the team and can’t wait to watch him grow and flourish with us.”

Jayden Marcos, Carter Woods

Added Jayden: “Can’t wait to continue working with everyone.  I was super nervous at first and didn’t really know what to expect, but that completely vanished about 20 minutes after showing up…everyone is super nice and relatable and we all share a  great sense of humor. It didn’t once feel like work because of how enjoyable and excitable Next Door Studios made the day.”

Jayden Marcos, Carter Woods Jayden Marcos, Carter Woods

The stud and his thick dick make a memorable debut in arguably one of my favorite scenarios ever, the frat boy fantasy. Jayden catches Carter watching porn, and the two soon sport boners. “It’s cool, bro,” smiles Carter. “I’m hard, too!” (Fuuuuck I have a boner just listening to that!) Carter releases his meat, then stares in slack-jawed admiration as he watches Jayden unleash his own beast. (Shame on the Next Door art department, who have a bunch of stills that don’t do this hot cock justice!)

Jayden Marcos, Carter Woods Jayden Marcos, Carter Woods

He strokes Jayden, who is wide-eyed with surprise at how forward his bro is. “What to return the favor?” asks Carter, as Jayden soon strokes them both at the same time. “Yo, can you blow me?” asks a Carter, wanting to take it further. (By the way, I love Jayden’s deep voice, too…this man is a good get for the studio!)

Jayden Marcos, Carter Woods

The two are then off to the races, exchanging sloppy sucks, rim jobs and fucks—and I love the shot of Carter licking his football trophy as he gets rimmed (yeah, brah!). I love the overhead shot of Jayden getting fucked on his back, his tight bod on display as he strokes his big dick.

What do you think of Jayden and his Next Door studio debut?

See the full scene at Next Door Studios!


8 thoughts on “Frat Bro Jayden Marcos & His Big Dick Make Debut as Next Door Studios Exclusive”

  1. I liked this scene … I’m a fan of both of them… I would like to request a scene w Jayden and Justin Matthews … hope someone from NDS reads this ;-)

  2. Both of these guys can fuck, we all know that, though Carter Woods’ performances are still very much hit or miss. Where did all the energy go? This was tepid fucking that didn’t cause a single twitch in my dick. Talk about deflated. Jayden Marcos’ debut at Next Door, which held so much promise, was lackluster at best. I hope future scenes let the lion out of the cage.

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