Fuck Train Frat: Ashton Summers Gets An Anal Initiation

When last we saw Ashton Summers, he was a pledge getting a taste of fraternity life—as in an actual taste, as he was swapping thrusts with Kyle Fletcher and Cristiano in a hot fuck train. Now he’s back for more fuck train action, but this time he’s in the middle!

Turns out all that hard work has paid off, as Ashton is now a bro—if he can make it through the official initiation. He’s woken up in the middle of the night by Cristiano and Pledgemaster Trevor Brooks, who blindfold him and bind his hands behind his back, taking him to the frat house for his final challenge.

Ashton Summers, Cristiano, Trevor Brooks Ashton Summers, Cristiano, Trevor Brooks

Ashton Summers, Cristiano, Trevor Brooks

The two start by stuffing Ashton’s mouth with whip cream, then shoving his face in Cristiano’s crack for some sweet hole munching. Then the two whip their cocks in his face, the hottie going back and forth on their boners. The two bros then take turns fucking Ashton doggie before we get the hottest shots: two great fuck trains, first a doggy train with Ashton in the middle and Trevor driving, and then a sit-down train with Ashton still in the middle and Cristiano taking his dick, his own boner bouncing like crazy as he rides.

Ashton Summers, Cristiano, Trevor Brooks Ashton Summers, Cristiano, Trevor Brooks

Ashton Summers, Cristiano, Trevor Brooks

Then we get a hot set of spit roasts with Ashton on his back, the camera looking down on his tight bod as Trevor and Cristiano take turns stuffing him at both ends before dumping their loads on his chest. After seeing Ashton be so alpha in the first scene, I love seeing this other side of him…which role do you like him in more?

See the full scene at Men.com!


13 thoughts on “Fuck Train Frat: Ashton Summers Gets An Anal Initiation”

  1. My my, typical liberals here. You’re the first to cry out loud when a straight person says something negative about you. Just listen to yourself. All haters here. Why don’t you send a pic of yourself and let people judge your looks. You probably won’t right. Don’t blame you.

  2. Universal Potentate

    Each of these guys are fit and hung with pretty holes. You wouldn’t know it from the preview.
    Weird angles which avoid showing the best parts of the action usually indicate the entire thing avoids close ups, penetration shots & open hole shots as well as other key moments.
    Cristiano alone with worth seeing from every angle. Why assemble these hotties together to have bad camera work?

      1. Your description of me shows that you are a fatphobic and prejudiced person. What’s the problem with fat people? There are wonderful fat people, much better human beings than many thin people. What’s the problem with blind people? There are blind people much more valuable than many sighted people. What’s wrong with people who don’t have sex? It’s their life, not yours. Do better and have more empathy!

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