Exclusive: Steven Daigle’s Ex-Boyfriend Trent Locke Arrested On DUI, Felony Charges

The Sword has learned exclusively that gay porn star Trent Locke has been arrested THREE TIMES since January of this year.

Locke has been in jail on at least three separate occasions this year, but that hasn’t stopped the troubled performer from pursuing his assault charges against ex-boyfriend (and fellow jailbird) Steven Daigle. And by the way, reports earlier this year that Locke was dropping those charges against Daigle are NOT true; that case is set for trial on June 28th.

But Locke may have his own trials to contend with. On January 6th, 2011, Locke was arrested on DUI charges, and that case is still pending:

Then, on March 5th, 2011, Locke was arrested on a felony charge by L.A.’s Wilshire Division.

Bail, which Locke was able to post, was set at $76,000:

But wait, there’s more!

Trent Locke was just arrested earlier this month in West Hollywood on a misdemeanor charge.

The case numbers for these last two bookings are the same, which means the arrests are most likely related. Messages left with L.A.’s Wilshire Division Police Department have not been returned.



17 thoughts on “Exclusive: Steven Daigle’s Ex-Boyfriend Trent Locke Arrested On DUI, Felony Charges”

    1. Trent is way crazier. He just plays the victim very well. I saw the stuff between him and Chris. Trent said something that insinuated that he was better than everyone that had HIV. So understandably Chris bashed him. Then Trent deleted the tweet and starting calling Chris a bully to make himself seem innocent. Trent is a total douche.

  1. How is it mean and unwarranted? It’s news to inform fans why they might not see much of him in the future. It’s mean to accuse a person of doing something he did not do; it’s not mean to report his repeated arrests records. Hope he’s innocent and goes free, but if he’s not, hope he gets the wake up call he might need.

  2. Funny how you post all of this information, yet you neglect to post the legal issues involving your friends. That’s 100% your choice of course. It just says a lot about you.

  3. …so there seems to be an ongoing twitter fight between Chris and Trent…boys, boys!…twit-fights don’t solve anything

    Go for the lube pit…nekid!

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