Finale Fuck Fest: Tony Buff Bangs Bible Boy Riley Price

I think this is the Golden Gate episode everyone’s been waiting for, in which Tony Buff fucks the bejesus out of Mormon Missionary Riley Price. Hardcore trailer below.

Riley Price was probably born to play such a secret little slut, and I can’t think of anyone better to have taken on fetish legend and leader Tony Buff than him. Likewise, I can’t think of anyone more suited to tame and dominate Riley than Tony. Together, they close out the second season of Golden Gate.


Watch this episode’s solos, behind the scenes, and exclusive interviews with the guys (incidentally, this was the first scene they both shot since leaving their contracts at other studios) on NakedSword. Next week, the full hardcore scene goes up, and here’s the trailer:


[NakedSword: Golden Gate]

12 thoughts on “Finale Fuck Fest: Tony Buff Bangs Bible Boy Riley Price”

  1. I loved this scene but would of loved to see Riley Price partner to get into another scene so Riley has a play friend while Tony is away

  2. I don’t think he ever has on film… but his hole does look kinda blown out so I’m sure he does behind the camera.

  3. No, silly. Pee is for people you LIKE.

    I would pee on Riley Price any day of the week. Except that he is gay and the Erynn rule applies, so I would settle for watching some manly man do it for me. Speaking of Erynn, someone get a bucket. Her face is going to melt clean off.

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