Who Would You Rather: Dominic Ford’s “Bryce Evans” Or Mighty Men’s “Jay Diamond”

That’s a trick question, of course, since both of them are the same person. Thanks to everyone who sent this in, and to Queer Me Now for first reporting it last night. Dominic Ford’s first exclusive model Bryce Evans’ first gay porn movie has only been out for, like, 10 minutes, but he already has a gay porn past! Evans previously worked as “straight as they cum Jay Diamond” for Mighty Men doing some solo jerk off stuff, but now he’s graduated to letting another man massage and blow him. Is this the internet’s new Cody Cummings?

Maybe, but maybe not.

I have high hopes that DF will get this humpy piece of beef to actually have gay anal sex (with another man) in a future update. And like I said before, he’s hot, but I still can’t tell how old he is. 23? 35? 50?


















[Dominic Ford]

8 thoughts on “Who Would You Rather: Dominic Ford’s “Bryce Evans” Or Mighty Men’s “Jay Diamond””

  1. He’s pretty good-looking.
    I don’t get why you gay “guys” always want to bitch guys they wish they could be or have…oh, wait.
    Never mind.:)

  2. Good-looking guy. I’d definitely take him if I had the chance. He also has a striking resembleance to the bully in “The Karate Kid”.

  3. I don’t know, but he should smile ALL THE TIME. He looks a little d-baggy when he tries to do sexface or macho. Those faces are for guys with bad teeth.

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