In Which Samuel Colt Bottoms For The First Time (On Camera)

Either Buddy Profits–the affiliate program that’s responsible for distributing Falcon’s promotional content–wants to make my life a living hell or I’m a complete idiot who doesn’t know how to use a computer (it’s probably this), because I’ve been looking all day for the trailer for Samuel Colt’s first on camera bottoming scene. Thankfully, another site has the trailer, so I stole it from them.

Thanks to GayXXXBlog, who knows how to actually find things on the internet.

And thanks to Samuel Colt for finally showing people that you’re not just a top, and for being the first porn star from my list of porn stars who need to bottom to take the plunge by letting another man plunge his cock into your asshole. Hooray!

Samuel Colt has taken to bottoming well, as he let Erik Rhodes fuck him a couple weeks ago. More on that later. The top here is Jim Ferro, and the clip is from Mustang’s Worked Up.


11 thoughts on “In Which Samuel Colt Bottoms For The First Time (On Camera)”

  1. This looks very exiting to me even though I shouldn’t be since I refuse to believe in strict top only vs. bottom only (“black and white” or “good vs. evil”) type of categories.

    1. I don’t know if Ferro is on a bb site, but, his dudesnude page (“muscbbtop”) indicates condoms do not live in his private life…..this ain’t gossip–it’s his own page…you can read it for yourself.

  2. Glad to be of service to both Zach and the sword.
    GAYXXXBLOG doesnt launch officially for another 48 hours.

    Hi To Erynn Vaehne and congrats on the move to Montreal! (Jealous!)


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