Johnny Torque Sticks His Bat In Brandon Lewis

Johnny Torque’s wearing that cocky grin because a) he’s hot as fuuuuuccck, and b) he got to tap the sweet country ass of equally hot Brandon Lewis. Video below.

Torque made news here a couple months ago after attending Calvin Klein’s birthday party with his BFF Nick Gruber (Klein’s boytoy), and now he’s making news here because of what he looks like in a blue jock and knee pads.

This is from Score, now playing in the Backroom on Hot House.


Best part: That look on Johnny’s face (as he’s mouthing “Oh my God”) when Brandon slides down his cock, at the :45 second mark.


[Hot House: Score]



6 thoughts on “Johnny Torque Sticks His Bat In Brandon Lewis”

  1. All right!!!! I’m a BIG Brandon Lewis fan and I love it any time he bottoms! As far as I’m concerned, he’s the all-time hottest Southern Guy who’s ever been in porn. This vid looks just as hot as the time he botoomed for Brad Star.

  2. Oh Zach, Nooo Zach…can’t you go back to being boyfriends in your head with Travis James, Donny Wright, or Hell even Steven Daigle instead of gay4pay trade. Oh well…a hard on doesn’t ask for orientation. :)

    1. OK. Which one is supposed to be the chubby one?

      I mean, I can spot the d-bag in these pictures from space. But I’m not seeing the fatty.

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