ASG Producer On Why He Exposed Criminal Model; Mayan Calendar Predictions

Amateur Straight Guys producer Doug Delong thinks I took his former model’s side when I reported on that video of  “Spence” stealing money from his wallet, but I don’t take sides! Stealing is wrong and Spence should be in jail. The end. Also wrong (or at least unprofessional): A porn producer befriending a drug addicted model, letting him into his house repeatedly, videotaping him without his knowledge, and then publishing his private information on the internet. So, they’re both wrong.

Here’s Delong trying to explain why he did what he did:

First and foremost I want to address the points expressed criticiz[ing] me for outing Devin/Spence in my blog. We simply will have to agree to disagree on this one. When someone/anyone is arrested in this country they are booked using their real names. It is also a matter of public record that anyone could find if they knew where to look. To find Devin/Spence’s real name would have been something anyone could accomplish in 10 minutes or less using the internet IF they knew that he had been arrested and where and possibly a range of dates etc..Again, it is public record. Should we then just not ever discuss anytime a porn star gets in trouble or is arrested or god forbid does something that their public should know about? Are they immune from press coverage just because they’re porn stars? Give me a fucking break. 

Not just “anyone” could find out about Spence’s arrest reports. Only the people who knew his real name would be able to access that information. And the reason people know about Spence is solely because of Doug Delong, his former employer who knew his legal name. TheSword thoroughly enjoys covering porn star arrests all the time, but I don’t publish legal names (unless they’ve already been published and are readily available). Also, this is a news site (don’t laugh) that is expected to cover porn star arrests. Imagine if every porn producer who was wronged by one of their models decided to publish their personal information on the internet.

In my post I chose to be honest and I for one didn’t feel that I owed the courtesy of hiding his identity just as he didn’t extend me the courtesy of not stealing over $7,000.000 from me and my former company. You can disagree with my decision but to virtually “side” with him is really quite amazing. I am really so sick of snotty queens who feel that they have the right to pass judgement on us all and apparently this venue has no shortage of them in stock.

As to some of the other points made as to the reasons why I continued to associate with Devin/Spence after his initial thefts were discovered. That is a point I really wrestled with and if you READ my story you would know why. I did report him to the police who did absolutely nothing. After months of no contact and after Amateur Straight Guys had reopened after Dink Flamingo bought out my former business partner Jay’s half of the site Devin/Spence came to me asking for forgiveness, brought me a cash payment, promised he would begin regular payments to satisfy his debt and all he wanted in return was to be allowed to work with us again. I am a forgiving person, perhaps too much so and hence I reluctantly allowed him to return. Shortly thereafter he began coming to my house and as we were former friends he tried to resume that relationship. Frankly, I figured that I needed to keep the lines of communication open and the door open to some extent so that he could continue to pay me back, which he failed to do. I am so happy to hear what other people would have done in this situation and after listening politely I would say to them “go fuck yourself”. If you weren’t there, you don’t know all of the circumstances and it is so easy to criticize isn’t it? Pitiful.

The minute anyone posts anything (especially something of this nature) on their blog, they open themselves up to criticism. Sorry.

As to why I taped him stealing money from me – frankly I never intended to release it. I wanted to use it to show to him that I knew what he was up to. I have had this tape since the beginning of the year people. It was only after I had exhausted every avenue, gone down every road that I chose to release this information on who Devin/Spence really was because his career is over due to the fact that he will be in prison for a number of years I’m certain and I am tired of sitting in silence while everyone praises him not knowing who he really is.

Sitting in silence! How is writing a blog post that has now been picked up all over the gay porn blogosphere sitting in silence?! And who is praising Devin/Spence? Someone show me this praise.

Finally, the Mayan Calendar part. If this is accurate and the end of “most mankind” is coming next year, I guess it doesn’t really matter–in the grand scheme of things–if some random porn star’s real name is published on “Doug’s Diary”!

As to my comments re: my beliefs surrounding the Mayan Calendar’s prediction that on December 21, 2012 the world will end I would like to make a few minor corrections. That’s not what the Mayan calendar says. 12/21/12 is called the “end of the age”. It is not the end of the world, nor the end of mankind. It may be the end of MOST of mankind but not all. If you believe that it is reflective of my sanity that I subscribe to this belief then fine. I don’t care what you call me. But I will bet that those who cast aspersions on my sanity for subscribing to this belief have not spent one minute researching it themselves, like I did. Should you do so you may come to the same conclusion that I did. Finally, the ONLY reason that was part of my article was because I was using it as a point of shock for Devin/Spence to get him to wake up, fly right and pay me back. He and I would often talk about 2012 as he was interested in the subject. In that context the inclusion of this information was relevant I thought.

12 thoughts on “ASG Producer On Why He Exposed Criminal Model; Mayan Calendar Predictions”

  1. Bottom line -ASG gave this guy a chance and hell, I’ve enjoyed his work, but he BIT THE HAND THAT FED HIM, and he should be man enough to take the consequences. It may be the making of him!!

  2. re: the Mayan calendar. Scholars of Mayan culture have discredited the notion that the Mayan calendar has listed December 21, 2012 as the end of days or the end of man. Doug Delong, do your homework please!

    re: exposing Devon. I can understand it. I think if I was being robbed I’d want to expose the guilty party to the world. Doesn’t mean that it is ultimately the right thing to do … it should be left to the courts … but it would probably feel good to do it.

    Is it wrong that I still think the guys is freakin’ hot?

    1. DillonS, how about reading what was written instead of reading what you *think* was written? Doug didn’t say that the Mayan calendar said that.

  3. Why Am I incredibly attracted to Spence/Devin at this moment? I wanna find out what jail he is in and write him letters and pick him up when he is released. I swear that is what is swirling thru my head, why am I overwhelmingly attracted to losers?

  4. Why would anyone expect The Sword to take sides? I thought the story was written to show both sides were at fault and neither party innocent. Doug clearly wanted people to say “You were so good to him and he took advantage.” That isn’t exactly what happened here.

    Devin was an EMPLOYEE and Doug his EMPLOYER. Is it appropriate to allow you employees to drop an anytime and masturbate on you coach? Do we really think a hustler like Devin dropped by to see an old gay man because he enjoyed the company? The answer to both of those is NO. Yes, the boundaries for employer and employee in porn might be less obvious but the “straight” boys know all about manipulating and Doug is old enough to know better.

    Both sides were trying to take advantage of the other. Devin was of course seeking cash, either earned or stolen, while Doug was clearly getting an emotional return from “helping” out the poor “confused straight” boy. It is a story that has been told many times before and both sides will come away feeling they were the injured party.

  5. Where was your outrage when Sean Cody published Devon Hunters real name online? You didn’t even “report” on that one yet, you have taken the time to report on this one twice. What’s wrong Zach are you afraid to take on a juggernaut like Sean Cody? Wasn’t it “awful” too? You’re very self-righteous when it comes to this particular case but, silent on the other one. I think there’s a word for that.

    1. Yes, it was awful. And had I been aware of it at the time, I would’ve reported on it. That story broke during my first few days of editing TheSword, so it was unfortunately missed. And, if you think I’m afraid to be critical of Sean Cody, a simple search of “Sean Cody” on this site will prove you wrong.

      The tone of your comment proves you don’t give a shit about Devon Hunter or this story at all, however. You’re more interested in clumsily attacking me, which is fine. I’m flattered.

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