Truck Fuck: Daddies Johnny Ford & Greg Dixxon Drive Each Other Hard

If we learned anything from the GayVN Award-winning feature Overdrive from Raging Stallion, it’s that daddy sex in (and on) vehicles is hot as fuck (see: Paul Wagner and Derek Kage). Now the studio is back at it again as two jock daddies go at it in a pickup!

In the debut scene of Jack of All Trades, we get the great pairing of Johnny Ford (who we haven’t seen at Raging Stallion in nearly four years) and Greg Dixxon, a handsome daddy who is completing his first year in the industry (some of is greatest hits include this daddy sandwich and getting plowed by twink Spikey Dee’s hot cock atop a kitchen island).

Johnny Ford, Greg Dixxon Johnny Ford, Greg Dixxon

Johnny Ford, Greg Dixxon Johnny Ford, Greg Dixxon

Johnny and Greg already look hot as hell in their jeans and tank tops as they smooch at the end of the truck, and then they get up into the bed and strip down to show off their beautiful bods. After exchanging sucks (I love seeing Johnny slurp on that daddy’s thick dick), Johnny fucks Greg doggy. Johnny then sits down on that dick and rides (my favorite shequence here) before taking it from behind.

Johnny Ford, Greg Dixxon Johnny Ford, Greg Dixxon

Johnny Ford, Greg Dixxon

I can’t wait to see more of this flick, especially with the likes of Tryp Bates and Bruce Jones in the cast (woof!). Have you ever had sex in the back of a pickup?

See the full scene at Raging Stallion!


14 thoughts on “Truck Fuck: Daddies Johnny Ford & Greg Dixxon Drive Each Other Hard”

  1. Great to see flip flopping is making a come back. You get sick of the constant tops putting on the macho act and the bottoms always putting on the slut girlie act. I’m gay and I like to see men fucking each other. I know everyone has their preference and i apologise if I offended anyone.

  2. Johnny Ford a “daddy”? Give me a break. He’s (allegedly) ahem 39, but just because he has the skin pallor of a geriatric who has never seen sunlight and the sunken, dark circled eyes of a corpse, does not make him a daddy.
    And as for Greg being a daddy? That spray on tan, the plucked/shaved body and overall prissiness, disqualifies him even saying the word daddy.

      1. They are likely a sad, lonely person so they try to cope by sh!tting on others much happier than them… let them be miserable

    1. ‘He’s (allegedly) agem 39’ – There are actual fathers/dads who are much younger than 39, some being in their early to mid 20s. That point is laughable for you to make as a ‘complaint’. But then again all of your comment is 100% diva-esque, so none of it should really be considered

      1. Are you honestly dumb enough to compare actual fathers/dads of children to the “daddy”persona that is part of the gay world. That’s the funniest thing I have heard all month. Take a seat, clown

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