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Johnny Rapid Reveals Why He Didn’t Get Along With Diego Sans

Some ancient porn star drama is being dug up on the Discretion Advised podcast! For one of the latest episodes of the porn-meets-pop culture pod, hosts Marc MacNamara and John Hill are putting on a rapid-fire series of porn stars interviews that feature Falcon | NakedSword Exclusive Drew Valentino, muscle hunk Colby Melvin, and longtime porn icon Johnny Rapid.

For Johnny’s segment on the pod, the owner and performer revealed that during the height of his career, he admittedly acted like a “diva.” This then led to Marc, who previously directed Johnny for, to ask Johnny the story on why he “infamously didn’t get along at all” with co-star Diego Sans during the shoot for Men’s Pirates: A Gay XXX Parody to the point where the two of them actually had to be separated.

“The truth behind that is them hiring another star and giving his lead roles just took the stardom off of me and I think that was the moment that I realized, damn, I’m not the only person in the world and that sucked for me,” said the Dear Johnny star.

The actor also revealed that some of the dislike for Diego came from his alleged behavior on set. Johnny said that Diego was “telling everybody what to do” during filming and he felt like that was the director’s job. He also commented that he was successful with his “mission to make [Diego] cry” – although Johnny says that Diego crying admittedly did not make him feel better.

Johnny ended the conversation by saying that the hatchet has since been buried and all he had to do was “let [Diego] fuck me!”

This may only be half of the story though. In a post made to the official Discretion Advised Instagram account showing this portion of Johnny’s segment, Diego Sans himself actually commented on what Johnny had to say during this interview.

“Funny, I remember a different story. Maybe I was too busy running around yelling at everyone,” wrote the NakedSword Originals star.

Oop! Looks like we’re going to have to wait for Diego Sans to make his Discretion Advised return and tell us his side of what actually went down on the set for Pirates: A Gay XXX Parody!

Take a look at Johnny’s full interview below, be sure to let us know what you think of this porn star drama down in the comments, and for even more Discretion Advised, subscribe to the show on YouTube or wherever you get podcasts!


18 thoughts on “Johnny Rapid Reveals Why He Didn’t Get Along With Diego Sans”

  1. I’m not a fan of Rapid. I imagine he’s a proper little Queen despite his years declaring himself to be heterosexual before succumbing to the truth. He acts like he’s a big man but he’s just a little wimp. Was cute when he was younger but not anymore. He did a scene with some one listed as Nick West, probably one of the most beautiful men he has had sex with, and he acted all forceful and harsh. I would have worshipped him he was so beautiful.

  2. Both are big DIVAS! Grow up your not movie stars your porn actors that is PORN ACTORS not STARS. Diego needs to go back to bottoming as the big macho act falls flat when he acts like a real girlie type! Bend over and get some of that stuck up arrogance fucked out of you!

  3. Both of them are acting like DQ’s. They forgot that each one is successful in their own way, but forgot the professional manners. But will say this about Diego. He has become boring since he went basically top only roles.

  4. A true gay is a gay who can build a family and a better future, but gay porn stars just live from hole to hole to be able to eat everyday and always play drama.

  5. A true gay is a gay who can build a family and a better future, but gay porn stars just live from hole to hole to eat and always put on drama.

  6. Universal Potentate

    That was entertaining. My comment about both Diego and Johnny is that they need to shave, wax, laser, whatever all that damn body hair. They are both bottoms, NOT tops. Neither of their dicks are big enough for porn to be tops.

      1. Universal Potentate

        Oh … in real life? ABSOLUTELY! I’m just speaking through the harsh, critical lens of porn. In real life, Johnny is kinda a dream fuck. Well … Carter Dane is a dream fuck, but Johnny would be worth telling everyone about.

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