Trevor Brooks, Quin Quire

Trevor Brooks Wants To Get Dicked Down In The Middle Of The Night

Have you ever has the desire to just stand outside naked in the middle of the night and wait for a sea of men to come and blast your exposed body with their sweet cream until the early hours of the morning? If yes, then you might have something in common with Trevor Brooks in his just-released scene for the nocturnal Hot House film In The Night!

In the new vid, it’s dark outside as Trevor awaits his first load of the night. After some waiting, Quin Quire enters the picture and starts pounding the horny pervert’s deliciously thick ass all over a nearby bench and up against a random building.  After some hardcore pumping and humping, Trevor is blessed with his night’s first load as his bareback stranger covers him in wet spunk. Take a look below at some preview shots for this late-night bang:

So what do you think of this scene? Who do you want to see top Trevor Brooks next? Have you ever let a stranger cover you in cum in the middle of the night? Let us know your hot thoughts in the comments below and if you want to see even more from this hookup, head over to right now!

[Watch IN THE NIGHT ft. Trevor Brooks & Quin Quire]


3 thoughts on “Trevor Brooks Wants To Get Dicked Down In The Middle Of The Night”

  1. The Brooks man is a muscular cock hungry bottom. Luv seeing him on the receiving end of an awesome fuck and Quin Quire delivered the goods,

  2. Great to see Quin(n) doing a hot scene like this with Trevor. I always loved Quinn’s scenes at CF – especially the one with Smith.

  3. This was a great opportunity for a flip fuck. Quin can give it as good as he can take it and seeing Trevor top for a change would’ve been nice. Part 2 perhaps?

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