Samuel Colt Is Back, With Even Bigger Mustache, In New Scene for AlphaMales

Semi-retired porn star Samuel Colt — a.k.a. longtime boyfriend of former porn star Chris Porter who’s now known as the rapper called Stose — has just popped up again in a new scene for AlphaMales in which he bottoms for Spanish stud Bruno Fox.

And yes, since you saw him last, Samuel has let his mustache grow to major, Brooklyn bartender-sized proportions. He had the same mustache in a scene that came out in June on Butch Dixon, where he bottomed for Frank Valencia, and in a scene for Eurocreme that was released in November where he fucked the hell out of Darius Ferdynand.




If you’ve been following him on Twitter, you’d know that Samuel is seriously politically active, and a passionate advocate for Palestinians while living in New York City. He’s taken part in a number of the recent protests there over police brutality, and here he is sporting a thick beard two weeks ago waiting for some compatriots to get let out of jail following a protest.

He remains an extremely sexy man. And it sounds like he’s needed a dick up his ass for a while…






[AlphaMales: Samuel Colt and Bruno Fox]

Note: The AlphaMales site is looking a little broken as of today, but keep trying.


23 thoughts on “Samuel Colt Is Back, With Even Bigger Mustache, In New Scene for AlphaMales”

  1. Well, apparently I’m in the minority, but I’m a sucker for a big, hot, mature, MEATY ASS. This guy is hot as fuck, I would munch on that thing for days.

    1. I honestly don’t think most people have a problem with his body, it’s his facial hair that is not appealing to most people on here. And I’m with you a meaty ass like Samuel’s is the best!

  2. I guess I’m the only one who’s fine with the moustache. I’d rather it not be that big, but I would not kick him out of bet for having it, Samuel is still one hotass daddy!

    1. Yes, those that had about 15 y.o. between 1895-1918, are still alive, interested in sex and porn and missing queen Victoria or the time of Ragtime.

  3. Christine Marinoni

    I appreciate that you’re writing, editing & publishing a number of articles each day, but I’m afraid to inform you that you’ve made a critical error in your article entitled “Samuel Colt is back, with even bigger mustache…”. In your opening paragraphs, you described li’l man Chris Porter-Potty as a rapper without quotation marks or any sort of indication of irony or humor, thereby subtly legitimizing what is, by all accounts, a far cry from any sort of an actual “music” “career,” or even a publicly acceptable hobby. Please only describe him as a “rapper” from now on. Or, if that won’t work, as a former restaurant bus boy.
    Yours kindly,
    The population with working ears

    1. You must mean a “wrapper”, as in gift-wrapper, which is appropriate to the season. No human who knows the music industry or even anything about it could ever take him seriously as a “rapper”. Cazwell has a better chance of commercial success, and I say that while cringing.

  4. Boring; Sam colt and his hole look as haggerd as ever. looks like his “activism” isnt paying his bills. who would pay for this?

  5. for some reason, i feel like if it was filmed in black and white or sepia it might be hotter. The preview was hotter than i thought it would be. Colt has some sexy moaning.

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