This Flip-Fuck With Darius Ferdynand and Samuel Stone Is Insanely Hot

I haven’t been paying much attention to Men of Montreal, but holy shit. Darius Ferdynand dropped by the Canadian fuck palace for the second time this year and the result is fucking explosive.

They paired his ridiculous hotness with the ridiculous hotness of Samuel Stone.

This is Samuel Stone, in case you’re not familiar.


And here he is getting his dick sucked by real-life boyfriend Brandon Jones, who actually introduced him to porn last year.


But he’s even hotter now because he has a beard.


Anyway, stick him in a bedroom with Darius Ferdynand, and sparks fly. These two have a passionate, extremely sexy flip-fuck in the sunlight, and it’s easily one of the hottest things I’ve seen this month.





[Men of Montreal]

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