First Look: Tommy Defendi For Cocky Boys

“CockyBoys is happy to officially announce that Tommy Defendi is the latest exclusive to sign with the studio!” says the press release. I’m happy to officially masturbate to new Tommy Defendi pictures below.

Tommy’s first scene with Jimmy Clay is live now (which includes what the studio calls “one of the best cum shots on the site to date and surely a contender for cum shot of the year award”), and a duo with Mason Star is coming up.

Kind of dying right now.


[CockyBoys: Tommy Defendi]


10 thoughts on “First Look: Tommy Defendi For Cocky Boys”

  1. This guy is really gorgeous. A god among men. Too bad they paired him with such a fug scene partner with a stupid ass tattoo.

  2. This is his explanation of why he chose cocky boys over raging falcon ..
    “I love the energy of the site and what they are doing these days,” said Defendi. “More importantly, they are completely open to me exploring my sexuality and doing things more outside of the box, things I’ve never done before. I have the opportunity to freely experiment with my sexuality and my look.
    Can’t wait to see what all this means. His look and experimenting eh ?

  3. I saw him in person once, and I’m still struck by how TD was even better looking in person than in his photos.

    1. Ordinarily I would complain about that too, but the pictures above don’t show any actual penetration, only teasing. Of course, I’ve yet to see the actual scene.

  4. That Mason Star/Defendi scene is going to be off the charts. If there were any doubters that Cockyboys was making a comeback um it is. The addition of Star which was hot enough just got even hotter with Tommy jumping from Fal-stallion to cb’s.

  5. Pornobobbie Uncut Superhero

    Tommy FUCKIN Defendi BITCH! He is definitely a nice guy and um……..DELIIIIIIIIIIICIOUS! :D

  6. So incredibly hot and a very nice guy. His cock is so massive and pretty. CockyBoys is pretty damn vanilla and boring though…

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