Sharok, Logan Stevens

Forest Fuck: Nature Calls for Sharok & Logan Stevens as Innovative Series Continues

The Model Behavior series provides fans a unique and intimate look at their favorite models during quarantine, the latest installment showing us what happens when furry boyfriends Sharok and Logan escape the city.

Boyfriends Logan Stevens and Sharok are hiking around the outskirts of Los Angeles. They stop in a secluded spot, and Logan strips away all his clothes. Feeling the hefty bulge in Sharok’s shorts, Logan pulls them down to Sharok’s ankles and works the thick pole up and down with his mouth.

Sharok, Logan Stevens Sharok, Logan Stevens

They take turns deep-throating each other’s cocks until Sharok bends Logan over a boulder and slides his raw cock between Logan’s cheeks. After getting his ass stretched bareback, Logan turns around and wraps his lips around Sharok’s meat once again, tasting his own hole.

Sharok, Logan Stevens Sharok, Logan Stevens

Switching positions, Sharok sits back and Logan climbs on top to ride Sharok’s thick pole until he shoots a thick load all over Sharok’s abs. Making sure his man gets to cum, Logan lays back to let Sharok pound his load deep into Logan’s eager hole.

Sharok, Logan Stevens Sharok, Logan Stevens
Would you look at that smile from Sharok?! So…damn…handsome!

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See the full scene at Raging Stallion!


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