gay cum dump

Eli Hunter’s Raw Dick Addiction

The ski mask itself doesn’t make this any sketchier than any “Sketchy Sex” scene. But the final fuck where the freshly creampied “top” still has cum leaking out of his hole as he blows another load into the adjacent, already loaded bottom just might.

No one is looking for love at SketchySex. The tops are seeking to breed a hole. Any hole. The bottoms are living cum dumps of their own free will. “The more the merrier” is one thing they have in common. The other is, they wouldn’t be turned on any other way. That’s especially true for Eli Hunter today.

gay cum dump

SketchySex is all about anonymity and made for those turned on by nameless raw holes and poles cumming together. Count Eli Hunter as one of them. That ski mask turned him on so much he stopped fucking and bent over as if by reflex.

gay cum dump
While Mr. Ski Mask does have a beautiful pole, it’s not even the biggest one in the room today. But it turned Eli on so much, once he got his ass full, he just moved on to the next hole to fill it with another load. Or as they call it at SketchySex, paying it forward.

[Watch “Dick Addiction” at Sketchy Sex]

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