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Nick’s First Time? Or His First Time Today?

Either their pockets are full of cash — or they are full of shit. Last time it was Collin Simpson’s. Today it’s Nick Paul’s. Another first time at GayHoopla in less than two weeks?

Every studio has their “thing.” It’s parodies and family ties at It’s cheating boyfriends and over-indulgent story line at NextDoorRaw. At GayHoopla, it’s first times. First time on-camera. First time with a guy. And their favorite, like today, “both.”

If you take their word for it, Nick Paul will be the latest to join Collin Simpson, Alex Griffen, Eddie Alvarado, and Gabriel Jordan having their first times this year. The best way to judge is to see him in action. And in Sean Costin.

Nick’s debut solo went live last week.

[Watch “Fit All-American Nick Paul JERKS His UNCUT Cock”]

They say to be a potential gay porn model there are three factors: a hot face, a hot body, and a big dick. Depending on the angle, Nick definitely has at least two out of three. One of them is definitely the dick. His is an uncut flesh-covered traffic cone shaped beauty. Nick does have the makings for this. He’s as comfortable in his own skin as on camera.

gayhoopla nick

During that solo, Nick revealed he, “wanted to top and dominate another man.” When Nick first met Sean, he was appropriately intimated by his massive frame. Then again, so would a Yeti meeting Sean for the first time and that’s without having to imminently penetrate him.

gayhoopla nick
This pairing isn’t about Nick. It’s about GayHoopla knowing Sean’s sexual Achilles heel: Nothing gets him hotter than having his big, muscular hole busted by a smaller guy, David and Goliath style. Remember when little Jerry Cabrera reduced this big man into a drooling hole?

But GayHoopla knew exactly what they were doing here — which ironically makes it pretty silly when they try to play dumb on the other “details.” The thing is, whether or not this is a first-time matters a lot less than how legitimately hot what they are showing this time is.

gayhoopla nick
Nick Paul having a big dick and serving it to his lady’s back-door off camera ordinarily wouldn’t be training for doing it to a guy on camera. But just watch Sean work his bronze glutes around Nick’s dick in personal orbits of pleasure. Never fear, Costin’s here.

gayhoopla nick
One of my favorites views in the world is Sean Costin with his abs coiled up, red-faced, taking a dick and having a load fucked out of him. Nick must be doing something right. As long as he does that, who cares which notch this on his belt? Personally, I care a lot more how Sean’s tan ass looks covered in a load that didn’t get there by itself.

[Watch “Fit Jock Nick Paul FUCKS Bodybuilder Sean Costin”]

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