Global Entry: South Africa

Get Set to Jet With New International Travel Series ‘Global Entry’

We hope your bags are packed and you’re ready for takeoff because the NakedSword crew is about to head out on a whirlwind adventure and they’re inviting you along for the ride with its new international travel series – Global Entry!

For the upcoming run of films, award-winning filmmaker Marc MacNamara is setting his sights on distant locations like Portugal, Sicily, and Scotland. While traveling the globe, the acclaimed director is enlisting the help of each country’s hottest men and other internationally revered models to discover all there is to know about gay culture from around the world.

Premiering on on Wednesday, November 8, the first installment of the Global Entry series will have director MacNamara flying off to South Africa. There, he’ll be filming with local standouts like Sir Charlie and Danny Steele along with world-famous porn stars Dean Young and Diego Sans. Also included in the movie are hunks like Apolo Adrii, Tony X, and the big-dicked Sonny Blonde.

“NakedSword Originals’ Global Entry series will take viewers across the entire world to experience the hottest guys making some very special international connections,” teased Tim Valenti, President and CEO of Falcon | NakedSword. “The first movie, Global Entry: South Africa, finds our superstar exclusive Dean Young and the legendary Diego Sans sampling the men and culture of one of the world’s most fascinating continents.”

“My favorite hobby is traveling the globe and experiencing unique cultures and exploring what gay life is like in each country,” said MacNamara. “Most of the gay men across the map have one common interest: united we fuck!

“I’m excited to take viewers ‘around the world in 90 dicks’ and experience ‘planet girth’ like never before. In each country, we’ll showcase local men and tourists so viewers can voyeuristically enjoy the splendors through their eyes and holes. South Africa is my favorite country in the world, so that’s where we will kick off this year-long journey of exploring gay life, sex, and culture across the continents.”

Get your first look at Global Entry: South Africa below and for a much more explicit version of this trailer, be sure to hit up After that, sound off with all your hot thoughts down in the comments and stay tuned for the Wednesday, November 8 premiere of this new jet-setting feature.

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10 thoughts on “Get Set to Jet With New International Travel Series ‘Global Entry’”

  1. The men of South Africa —hot!! Dean Young, as always looking sexy. Diego Sans- pass…. I’ve tried to like Diego, but it’s just not happening for me.

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