Bearded Daddies Justin Jett & Giuspel Fuck Outdoors In Italy

Prepare for takeoff! We’re flying off with NakedSword and getting ready to talk about another installment from Global Entry, NakedSword’s international travel series that has director Marc MacNamara going all around the world to learn about gay life and introducing us some truly mouthwatering hunks from loads of different countries.

For this episode of Global Entry: Sicily, we’re meeting up with Giuspel, the hairy daddy we just saw bareback industry newcomer Alex Palmieri, as he gets seriously soaked with Justin Jett. The two take a deep dip into the scenic waters of Sicily before getting out for some oral action by the water. Then, the two head on over to a public outdoor terrace where Justin rims and fills up Giuspel’s ass with his 8″ cock. Take a look below:

Got any hot thoughts? Let us know in the comments below and for even more action from Global Entry: Sicily, click on over to “the Netflix of gay porn” –!

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9 thoughts on “Bearded Daddies Justin Jett & Giuspel Fuck Outdoors In Italy”

  1. Awesome scene- Justin is just so adorable and Guispel is a great match. Justin is also an amazing bottom and his work is a joy to view.

          1. Racist? Because I picked one of the most well known blind celebrities in the world? A blind musician to highlight a joke that even a blind person can see he is not under 30? There’s no racism involved. People like you are fucking gross. Getting offended just for the sake of getting offended because you have nothing else to say. Get over yourself and grow up you twat.

        1. Okay I take it back, he does look under thirty when he shaves off that long beard. It’s that beard that makes him look older.

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