The 8 Best Pics Of “Bearded Boy” With Cum In His Beard

Sorry everyone else with a Tumblr, but ABeardedBoy’s Tumblr is the the best Tumblr of all time. Here are 8 reasons why.

I don’t know if it’s ABeardedBoy’s cum or someone else’s cum in his beard, but it doesn’t matter.

These aren’t just the best 8 pictures of someone with a beard I’ve ever seen, these are the best 8 pictures I’ve ever seen of anyone and anything ever.


8 equally hot pictures of ABeardedBoy without cum in his beard. Is there anyone on earth who doesn’t want to have sex with him?



31 thoughts on “The 8 Best Pics Of “Bearded Boy” With Cum In His Beard”

  1. He’s hot and all, but if you follow his tumblr at all, he’s into some kinky nasty shit. He would make Paul Morris blush (I’m sure they’re friends and he will be featured soon.)

    1. That’s exactly what makes him awesome! He’s a shameless nasty pig (and he doesn’t give a fuck if you don’t like it).

  2. whatever this guy’s real name is, it should become gay slang for a beard slathered in fresh cum (a la “santorum”). <3

  3. He looks like Brutus from Popeye the Sailorman cartoon. Or like a Hezbollah fighter. Wonder if Treasure Island Media offered him contract as an exclusive.

  4. Love his tumblr page. He does a lot of things I would be too scared to do myself (like sounding, the big dildoes, etc.). He even makes shooting water out of your ass look sexy.

  5. Fuck my boner is fuckin twitching. Get into hardcore porn like NOW please! LOL. It’s like dayum, I’m looking at a fucking super hot hot fucker. Fuck—any videos of you doin it with a fine gent out there? Wow, I’ve never said “fuck” so many times in a single comment before.

  6. He is one hot piece of man! I mean his body is about average, but along with that beautiful face and delicious cock and some amazing picture it all comes together to make one dreamy man! I would marry this man! And screw you rilo just because he poses pics like these does not mean he is mentally ill!

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