Is This The Most Oddly Hot Sean Cody Model Of All Time?

Is this even a real person?

His meticulously arched eyebrows (watch out, Topher), his almond-shaped eyes, and his enormously plumped, ridiculously symmetrical lips give him the most perfect face I have ever seen—so much so that I have my doubts that this is even a real human being.

Making things even more surreal is the fact that Sean Cody named him Tripp. Yes, Tripp, as in Sarah Palin’s grandson (and Bristol’s baby boy) Tripp.

Part Ryu from Street Fighter 2, part anime cartoon character…Sean Cody’s Tripp:

[Sean Cody: Tripp]


27 thoughts on “Is This The Most Oddly Hot Sean Cody Model Of All Time?”

  1. I don’t see what’s wrong with him. He has a face that’s actually flawless. Great skin, beautiful full lips, who cares even if he loves his botox, I wish more people would use the damn shit and iron out their tired faces. He has a face for magazines its so perfect. sorry but their are way uglier gay porn stars. don’t get me started!!

  2. His body is a work of art. His face is a double bagger. He’s like a Kennedy…kind of handsome in an ugly sort of way.

    1. Definitely see the Jokerface. His face screams “plastic surgery,” and it’s so much worse if he actually hasn’t had any.

  3. Yes, he is stunning. Everything about the photos, to me, shrieks “this guy is gay.” (And that’s my preference for gay porn.) Skipp is going to bottom and he’s going to top and he will love it all.

  4. I don’t see “oddly hot” or “unique looking” he just looks hot to me.
    I rarely download a solo, though I may now.
    Let’s hope he goes back since they kept his sexuality out of it to make more money he should get a blowjob first and go from there haha.

  5. His face looks a bit too feminine to me in his pics, but he looks better in the video. Great body and I like his voice. And I rather see him in his hanes underwear lol

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