Greyson Myles, Jordan Starr

Greyson Myles Rides Jordan Starr’s Heavy Hog

Two things that go great together: the big thick dick of Jordan Starr, and the beautiful booty of Greyson Myles. We first saw these two hook up in the summer of 2022 (in a hot workout that escalated quickly), and now they’re re-connecting for Round 2!

After some smooching in bed, Greyson kneels down for that thick dick (which looks delicious in side shots) and goes down deep on it. Jordan reaches over to play with that hole as he gets slurped.

Greyson Myles, Jordan Starr Greyson Myles, Jordan Starr

Greyson Myles, Jordan Starr Greyson Myles, Jordan Starr

Jordan then tongues that hole, his stubbly chin grazing the moaning bottom’s ass (I love how Jordan takes his time with his hot tongue extended, finding just the right spot). The top then pins Greyson to the bed with his big cock, the bottom gripping the sheets as Jordan picks up the pace (check out Jordan’s muscular arms supporting him up as he fucks…yum!).

Greyson Myles, Jordan Starr Greyson Myles, Jordan Starr

Greyson Myles, Jordan Starr Greyson Myles, Jordan Starr

Then we get the hottest sequence as Greyson sits down on that dick, stroking his own rock-hard cock as he rides (Jordan at one point holding the bottom’s legs up and thrusting up hard and fast)—and then turning around to show off his booty, his tight ass lips clinging to Jordan’s girthy shaft. Greyson then gets on his back, his tight abs clenching as he strokes out a load and then gets bred by Jordan’s juice. What’s hotter: Jordan’s cock, or Greyson’s ass?

See the full scene at CockyBoys!


19 thoughts on “Greyson Myles Rides Jordan Starr’s Heavy Hog”

  1. What an odd face Greyson has. Like old man features, but he’s young. And then there is sissy, nelly Jordan trying his best at topping.

  2. Awesome video clip!! Had a little bit of cock sucking, ass hole licking, cock stroking, and kissing LOTS of great fucking action!!! I’m glad they included the kissing because I am really into Passionately Kissing guys!!!!!!!!

    1. Who pissed in your cornflakes, sunshine? No need to wish disease and death on someone just because you couldn’t get hired to empty a soiled wipes bucket

  3. They have good chemistry. This is their second scene from CockyBoys. The first was set in a home gym (how gay cliche).

    1. Universal Potentate

      Did a quick search of his porn history. He’s barely done 1 DP and no fisting, prolapse or large toy content.
      Unless there’s something not readily available, he doesn’t seem like “stretched hole” performer.

    1. Universal Potentate

      I’m gonna get a tramp stamp with an arrow pointing downward that says “For Big Gay Andy” and lips over my hole.

  4. Yes! I agree! Jordan is all around one of the best performers in male films. His awesome looks, his body, that infectious smile of his, and his genuine personality all CUM in to play! Let’s see a lot more of him please.

    1. Interesting your love for Jordan. I’m glad he has a few fans out there. I personally think he looks a bit “off”, like he has a few screws loose. I’m guessing he was in the bottom of his class.

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