Paul Wagner, Jake Preston

Handsome Fucker Paul Wagner Licks Up a Load From Hung Jake Preston

Would you look at how hot he is?! Thank the lord Paul Wagner decided to stop torturing us by just doing that POV porn for years where we never got to see his face (why would you deprive fans of that face?!) or all of his hot bod.

I’ve been here for every second of his reintroduction to the front of the camera back in 2021 when he fucked Felix Fox atop a tire, up to his recent (and very hot) pounding of Rustin Low (aka Levi Michaels, returning to the industry after years away). Now the very versatile Paul is showing us his bottom side again—this time with hung Jake Preston.

Paul Wagner Paul Wagner, Jake Preston

Paul Wagner, Jake Preston Paul Wagner, Jake Preston

It’s a hot mix of veteran and newcomer, and it’s hot to see Paul drive the scene from start to finish—grabbing our attention even when he’s getting fucked. It all starts with the bearded daddy stroking and grinding against Jake, then wrapping his hairy mouth around that big twink dick.

Paul Wagner, Jake Preston Paul Wagner, Jake Preston

Paul Wagner, Jake Preston Paul Wagner, Jake Preston

Paul then looks hot as hell when he sits down on Jake, his hairy hole squeezing that shaft. And watch as he starts fucking himself by slowly sliding back on the top’s cock. Paul also shows off his hot chest taking it on his back, and check out that delicious wad he take on that handsome face of his (just when I thought he couldn’t get any hotter!).

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22 thoughts on “Handsome Fucker Paul Wagner Licks Up a Load From Hung Jake Preston”

  1. Hands off, Paul Wagner. Whatever his age, he is still hot. Hasn’t the gay community given up on age-ist bullshit? Grow up. I would like to see Paul a bit blonder as in the past. But concentrate on his smoldering and engaging looks, …. besides his dick and his hairy asshole.

    1. Big Gay Anonymous Andy

      Steve, I couldn’t agree with you more. As I once heard Max Mutchnick say, “No one is more vicious to fags than other fags.”

      (Especially the ones who post anonymously.)

  2. Poor Jake Preston! Such a gorgeous boy and having to work with this very old news, the uninteresting Paul Wagner, who is so silly that keeps making these stupid faces for the publicity photos of the scene.

  3. Enough “kiddie porn” already. Children don’t belong in gay videos….it’s GROSS! Not everyone is a pedophile!! Find Paul Wagner someone his own age to play with.

    1. You need a reality check. Jake is 22, that’s hardly a child. Stop watching TV shows that cast 25 year olds to play high school teenagers.

      1. Male Porn has become INSUFFERABLE. You have children FKING adults. And vice versa. There is to many VERSATILE guys. Like everyone is a Prostitute. Hardly any Beautiful TOP ONLY MEN. Brainless story lines. Way too many UGLY GUYS. It is just JUNK.

        1. Then don’t watch. OR, you could start your own porn company and show them how it is done. Meanwhile, those of us who are not locked into rigid roles will stay here so as not to crash your servers while all those who are rigidly locked into roles can have free reign on your site. Sound good?

          Oh, and as for the ugly, perhaps you can share a picture of yourself so that the rest of us have a good baseline as to what is beautiful and what we are missing out on. Since you are such an expert on beauty, you should not have a problem posting your picture.

  4. Wagner is one lucky “bottom” for Jake’s twink “top”… his mouth-watering rock hard cock is destined to win many accolades for years to come! And, no tattoos is a refreshing take on any man-on-man action!

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