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After Making His Big Debut At Multiple Studios, Felix Fox Signs An Exclusive Contract With…

We have not stopped talking about Felix Fox over the past couple of months. We were instantly obsessed with him when he made his big studio debut at Trailer Trash Boys and we continued our obsession as he debuted with major studios like CockyBoys and Hot House. I even made a post calling for more studios to book this sexy, sexy man!

Well, after hopping around some of the industry’s best studios, the muscled-up ginger has finally found a home and signed an exclusive contract with Men.com! Felix’s first official scene with the studio is dropping tomorrow and it features him opening up his eager hole on a giant tire for daddy Paul Wagner.


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While we’re definitely excited to see more from Felix, we’re a little bummed that this probably means the end to his videos with studios like Trailer Trash Boys. His videos with TTB are honestly top-notch, so let’s hope that the studio has a couple of unreleased scenes under their belt that they can give to us over the next couple of months.

Felix Fox Felix Fox

Considering that it’s Men.com, Felix’s first scene with the studio is pretty tame. It doesn’t feature the absolutely ridiculous plotlines that we come to expect from Men.com videos, but we’re sure that the hunk will eventually be roped into some “OMG my boyfriend is cheating on me” scenes for the site.

But who knows? Maybe all of his Men.com scenes will be like this one and just focus on the hot sex between the performers with some shots of Felix getting hosed down while exposing his perfect body. Like, we fully doubt that would ever happen, but it’s nice to dream.

Felix Fox Felix Fox

If you want some more Felix, you can check out his debut Men.com scene when it drops tomorrow. In the meantime, you can check out the hunk’s past work over on Trailer Trash Boys, Hot House, and CockyBoys.


14 thoughts on “After Making His Big Debut At Multiple Studios, Felix Fox Signs An Exclusive Contract With…”

  1. Honestly I haven’t watched studio made porn in almost 3 years because lack of passion from mostly g4p models who only stick it in and the poor production. I’m subscribed to a few onlyfans who actually love hooking up with men with lust and passion. Felix Fox is a very sexy person and I’ll admit this scene was hot. Brought me back to the retro and early 2000s gay porn.

  2. hope he keeps his body tattoo free I not against the odd tattoo on models but some of late have taken it a bit too far and have ruined their body look in the progress.

  3. Felix Fox has a gorgeous body, but personally I don’t think his sex scenes are all that hot. But whatever happened to Max Lorde, the guy with whom Fox made his first scene? Why does everyone seem to have forgotten about him???

  4. I love Felix, however, HATE him wearing shoes/socks. he has the most sexy body, sexy ass, awesome smile, and AWESOME feet! Show them off, Felix, and leave the shoes/socks behind please. but..this IS a hot video!

  5. Felix’s body is ripped muscular perfection. Hope he doesn’t make the mistake some other muscle gods make and go to extremes and wind up looking like a blow up doll.

  6. Do exclusives even matter in the era of Only Fans and such? If models are just going to film content for their personal fan accounts I don’t see the point of signing or being an “exclusive.”

    1. Nope, but since these studios don’t pay enough I doubt these models can even afford to survive without an onlyfans

  7. On a different subject, what I find annoying about the studio, is their covering up brands w/ black tape. We know you are not giving brands support, but we already know what brands they are. So stop w/ the ugly cover ups.

    1. It’s actually more about protecting themselves. Some brands could sue for the unauthorized use of their logos

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