Benjamin Blue, Angel Santana

Have a (Benjamin) Blue X-Mas!

Ever see a porn pairing and think to yourself, “Who’s the top?!” I asked myself that very question upon glimpsing the duo of Benjamin Blue and Angel Santana in this new CockyBoys offering.

That’s probably unfair of me; we’ve certainly seen Benjamin top before, but I’ve always felt he was a bottom at heart. I mean, in his studio debut, he bottomed for Skyy Knox, fer cryin’ out loud (!), and just a few weeks ago was getting spit roasted by Gabriel Clark and Aiden Jacobs. Meanwhile, adorable newcomer Angel Santana flip fucked in his studio debut last month, but looked a lot more at home riding Noah Fox’s big dick.

Benjamin Blue, Angel Santana Benjamin Blue, Angel Santana

Benjamin Blue, Angel Santana

Even Benjamin acknowledges the elephant in the room during the opening interview: “With a big man like Markus Kage, I will be so bottom!” he says with a smile, noting that with a “little skinny twink” like Angel, he will “beat his ass.” Okay, so you sort of get the impression he’s not as excited to top, but he sells it a lot better with that French Canadian accent (combined with Angel’s equally hot smile and accent, it’s a potent mix).

Benjamin Blue, Angel Santana Benjamin Blue, Angel Santana

So color me pleasantly surprised when these two cuties pull off a flip fuck with no alpha tops in site (shame on me for doubting you, Ben and Angel!). Ben delivers a hot fuck to Angel without using his hands anywhere for support (watch his abs flex when he puts his hands behind his head as he delivers it doggy…so hot!); while Angel fucks and strokes Ben at the same time, getting him a little too excited: “Don’t make me cum!” Benjamin warns. Also watch Ben’s abs get nice and tight as he gets sucked, like in that first pic above (I can’t stop staring at his stomach!), and bonus points to Angel for using his feet to stroke Ben’s cock as he gets his twink hole munched.

What say you…are these guys convincing tops?

See the full scene at CockyBoys!


7 thoughts on “Have a (Benjamin) Blue X-Mas!”

  1. Yes, let’s be sure to pigeonhole people and apply labels to them as an “alpha top” or he’s a bottom, he can’t top”. Don’t we have enough crap going on in the world where we don’t have to pick on our own?

    1. Universal Potentate

      You’re obviously overly sensitive to this topic. And no one has just explained to you that you’re a killjoy, and not helping.
      People get to use the labels they enjoy.
      You get to dislike those labels.
      No one is wrong or hurting anyone.

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