DeAngelo Jackson, Miller Axton, NoirMale

Have You Ever Smelled A Relative’s Dirty Underwear?

Have you ever been alone in your house with a pile of dirty clothes? While looking at that dirty laundry, did you ever come across an enticing pair of underwear that didn’t belong to you? Did it make you have dirty thoughts? Did you wonder what it smelled like? Did you ever go in for that forbidden sniff?

Well, Miller Axton sure did! This cutie went all in and decided to take that taboo sniff in the latest Noir Male scene. When his stepbrother, DeAngelo Jackson, returns from the gym smelling like a locker room, the boy can’t help himself. He grabs his bro’s underwear and takes a big whiff while touching himself.

Unfortunately for Axton, he isn’t alone in the house. Jackson comes in and catches the pervert going to town on his Andrew Christians. Fortunately for Axton, his stepbrother seems into it. The two ditch their clothes and Jackson immediately starts barebacking his stepbrother’s hole.

DeAngelo Jackson, Miller Axton, NoirMale

This new scene has me wondering – who else is into sniffing other people’s underwear? Have you ever done it? Would you ever do it? Check out our two polls below, let us know your sniffing stories down in the comments, and be sure to watch this entire scene over on Noir Male!

DeAngelo Jackson, Miller Axton, NoirMale

Watch this entire scene over at Noir Male!


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