Rafael Carreras

What’s Hotter: Rafael Carreras on Top or Bottom?

The gay porn legend has one of the biggest and hottest cocks the industry has ever seen, but he’s not just a top. In two new scenes with Dylan James and Aaden Stark, he shows off his versatility. What Rafael role makes you hornier?

We’re a slave to the big uncut cock of Rafael Carreras, which is why it made our list of the 50 Hottest Dicks of the Decade. He also has the alpha attitude to go with it, and he’s proving that he’s got another decade of excellence in store for us. Is there anything hotter than watching him impale a bottom with that cock? I thought not, but watching him show off his big dick as he gets railed is also pretty fucking fantastic. Which one of Rafael’s two recent scenes turns you on more? Vote in our poll below the trailer!

1. Rafael Carreras Bottoms for Dylan James

Rafael Carreras, Dylan James Rafael Carreras, Dylan James Rafael Carreras, Dylan James

Rafael is back to fuck some more, but this time he wants someone alpha, unlike the beta bottom Aaden Stark that he thoroughly slammed recently. Rafael hooks up with the tattooed business jock Dylan James. While Rafael often is on top slamming asses, he’s quickly seduced by Dylan’s quiet charm and masculine energy. Rafael gets on his back and spreads his ass open for Dylan to fuck. At one point, Rafael rides the very verbal Dylan and really moves his hips—and with the motion, all nine inches of Dylan’s bare cock disappear up his ass!

2. Rafael Carreras Slams Aaden Stark’s Hole

Rafael Carreras, Aaden Stark

Rafael Carreras, Aaden Stark

Rafael Carreras, Aaden Stark

Aaden looks good dressed in his white-collar attire, but he looks even better when he sheds his executive outfit to get what he truly wants out of his business career. Cuban hunk Rafael has a hunger for young and able holes, since he’s packing 10 inches of uncut cock in his pants. And it’s that cock that’s ready to slams a bottom bareback. Rafael’s cock is so huge that Aaden feels it slamming his prostate, all while Rafael grabs a firm hold of Aaden via his tie!

See both of Rafael’s hot scenes at Lucas Entertainment, and vote in our poll below!


7 thoughts on “What’s Hotter: Rafael Carreras on Top or Bottom?”

  1. Rafael’s flip scene with Dato Foland – also from Lucas – is VERY hot. I prefer when guys a vers, much hotter.

  2. Wow, tough choice. One request I would have..since Rafy has such AWESOME feet, love to see some foot action with him! Prefer him bottoming.

  3. Didn’t vote since my choice was not on there. He is hot as both and that is the thing about being gay and versatile. What ever you’re in the mood for or seeing someone as top or bottom.

  4. Rafael’s ass is splendid and needs to be rimmed more often. I like Rafael being bottomed or topped. Providing his partner is not that sort of ugly inked body. Have the 2 Rafel (Carreras and Alencar) ever had a complete flip-flop scene together?

  5. Universal Potentate

    I think porn has to start matching (and preferably exceeding) the lives of most men. Actors should do more flip fuck scenes and use dildos while topping. Most female porn actresses do double penetration. Gays gotta keep up.

    1. Gays Got Dicks and are top bottom and Versatiles and leave! females please I’m not sexually into them! They do double penetration because none of them got dicks

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