Here, Let Colby Keller Welcome You To America

In the new episode of Golden Gate, we meet British fisting bottom Ashely Ryder. Ryder plays the role of Alec, an electronic pen pal of Cory’s (played by Colby Keller) who comes to San Francisco to, hopefully, hook up with his online buddy. But Cory would rather ride bikes! What’s a fisting bottom to do when all he wants is some hipster cock?

Obviously (see photo on left), they end up doing it in the kitchen, so Alec’s long journey paid off.

The spandex shorts might make you want to die, but once they come off, you should be fine. Watch the full episode on Naked Sword.

[Naked Sword: Golden Gate]

7 thoughts on “Here, Let Colby Keller Welcome You To America”

  1. Somewhere in London there is a portrait hidden away that is aging for Asheley Rider. How he stays so youthful-looking with that busy schedule of taking everything that will hold still between his lovely little cheeks is just beyond me.

    I want to know what moisturizer he uses.

  2. You get fucked by Colby (like the cheese) Keller (like Helen) and you DON’T stay hard? Damn dude, no offense, but step aside and let those who respect the dude and get turned on by him have a chance.

    1. I’d say it’s more one of those situations where he’s so focused on what’s going on in his ass that his dick becomes secondary. It happens with a lot of professional bottoms. I have no doubt he was turned on.

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