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Here’s What An Ultrasound Of Someone Getting Butt Fucked Looks Like

Have you ever wondered what your insides look like when a man is invading your ass and rearranging your guts? Have you ever wanted to see an ultrasound of someone that’s getting their hole destroyed? Well, you’re in luck.

The newest scene from Gaycest features Bishop Angus and Marcus Ryan paying Dr. Legrand Wolf a visit. The appointment quickly escalates to Marcus getting his ass probed by the doctor. Things start to get interesting when Dr. Wolf breaks out an ultrasound machine so he can get a good look at the twink’s anal cavity while he finger blasts him. Marcus starts to get hard as the doctor watches himself stroke the boy’s prostate on the monitor.

Daddy Bishop eventually hops in on the action and starts barebacking his boy while Dr. Wolf mans the ultrasound machine. Unfortunately for us, Dr. Wolf and his monster cock don’t join in on the fun and he stays fully clothed the entire time. While we would have liked to see Dr. Wolf take a turn with the twink, he seemed a little busy using the ultrasound to see what daddy’s dick looked like while it was inside of his boy.

ultrasounds dick ass anal gaycest ultrasounds dick ass anal gaycest

Watch the trailer below to get a glimpse of this cock-filled ultrasound scene. If you want to view the full thing, head on over to Gaycest! The site is having a huge sale right now so be sure to sign up ASAP to get 40% off your membership price.


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