Deco, Cutler X

Hot-Bodied Bottom Deco Gets Impaled By Cutler X

If you aren’t familiar with the performer Deco, maybe you know him as The Scuba Gay. The bearded bottom with the bubble butt has been on OnlyFans, and also started doing some studio work last year at Raw Fuck Club (riding the big dicks of Boomer Banks and Tyler Roberts, among others). Now in his first studio scene of 2022, he bends over for the massive cock of Cutler X!

Can we just pause for a moment to swoon over Deco’s eyes and body…

Deco, Cutler X

It’s a huge challenge to take attention away from Cutler’s 11-inch dick, but I was constantly staring at Deco’s ass and back in this scene. His smooth backside is simply gorgeous, punctuated by those dimples at the base of back. His hair-dusted chest is also pretty yummy, and that handsome face is constantly smiling—that is, when he isn’t constantly gasping for breath, which is pretty much every second of the scene.

Deco, Cutler X Deco, Cutler X

I love watching Cutler spread those cheeks and feast away (you can see, hear and feel how much Cutler loves munching hole), and watching his huge dick drive hard and fast (especially in the sit-down position, where he thrusts above with so much speed and force). Plus, we also get that signature Cutler grunt when he squirts.

Deco, Cutler X Deco, Cutler X

What do you think of Deco? Is this the hottest butt Cutler has conquered recently?

See the full scene at CutlersDen!


5 thoughts on “Hot-Bodied Bottom Deco Gets Impaled By Cutler X”

      1. I don’t know where you get that…. I see a lucky, hot, grateful bottom, with a beautiful, big, black dick masterfully shoved up his ass.

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