The Other Side of Aspen

Read This If You’re A Huge ‘Other Side Of Aspen’ Stan

There’s no denying that the Falcon Studios classic The Other Side of Aspen is definitely one of, if not the most iconic gay porn film of all time, so it only makes sense that Falcon is focusing on this 1978 masterpiece for its latest Falcon Forever giveaway!

The studio just announced that all month long, fans will be able to enter to win copies of the remastered version of The Other Side of Aspen. Ten lucky fans will be able to take home a full digital remaster of this penultimate Falcon film and have the chance to see legends like Casey Donovan, Al Parker, Jeff Turk, Chad Benson, and Dick Fisk in their full glory.

The Other Side of Aspen

If you want your own remastered copy of this pre-condom classic, all you have to do is head over to the official Falcon Forever page and enter your basic information for a chance to win. Not a current Falcon Studios member? No problem. All Other Side of Aspen fans can sign up for this contest without an active account.

This Aspen promotion comes on the heels of the countless other Falcon Forever giveaways that the studio has been putting on in honor of its 50th anniversary and the recently-announced RIDE OR DIE sweepstakes from Raging Stallion. For that massive giveaway, the scruffy studio is giving out site memberships, underwear worn by actual porn stars, and plenty of other pervy prizes. You can read more about that sexy sweepstakes right here.

So what do you think of this giveaway? Do you agree that The Other Side of Aspen is the most iconic gay porn film of all time? Do you have a favorite vintage title that you constantly return to? Sound off in the comments below and be sure to head to the Falcon Forever page to enter for a chance to win a remastered copy of this gay classic!

[ENTER TO WIN: ‘The Other Side Of Aspen: Remastered’]


17 thoughts on “Read This If You’re A Huge ‘Other Side Of Aspen’ Stan”

  1. Love the movie def a classic. Love all the guys in it. Watching it’s bittersweet knowing what fantastic gay icons the guys were and thinking how most of them suffered and left us too soon due to complications from AIDS.

    1. Companies today don’t make cool movies like this Great Classic. Al Parker was a very handsome man. With a Beautiful Dick.Today’s pornstar have no charisma. They are all one dementional. And all resemble Prostitutes. They are lousy. TODAY it is FREAKS and UGLIES.

      1. that’s because porn doesn’t make money like it used to back in the day with all the piracy. Also the monopolizing of it from straight companies like mindgeek that own pornhub and their sucking up of companies like seancody.

  2. Michael Philipson

    Casey Donovan grew up a couple miles from my house and we attended the same school. And I won’t tell you what we used to do in the barn…

  3. Dear Cameron; I believe you misuse the word “penultimate” when you say this movie is the “penultimate Falcon film.” My dictionary says that penultimate means, Last but one in a series of things; second last.
    As Falcon made many movies following this one, it can’t be the penultimate one.

    1. Yep, they’re misusing penultimate, in 2 ways. Penultimate does mean “next to last” as you point out (the “pen” is the prefix for “almost”). But they’re also misusing it here to mean greatest, best or with peer, not “last.” It means none of those things.

  4. Nothing wrong with redoing a classic with today’s performers. Just do it tastefully and throw in some surprises. Like a top coming down.

    1. This new remaster DVD is made from a 4k scan of the original film print and contains the entire scene, including fisting.

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