hot str8 guys jacking off videos

Stiff Competition Monday: Garrett, Jordan, or Rick?

Are you #TeamGauge, #TeamWage, or #TeamRage?

It’s not what you say, but how you say it. I have put CockYourVote in time-out for a while in favor of Stiff Competition Mondays’ return.

Three new untested flavors to choose from and at least one of them will back before the month is over.

Have you been a good boy this year? Is your choice the one who will be returning?

Pole number one is claimed by Garrett from Sean Cody

hot str8 guys jacking off videosFor being just 23 years old, Garrett has a slamming body that many have struggled for a lot longer to try and build without ever succeeding. His gunz are particularly impressive. He’s cute in a boyish way that has not yet grown into his torso. And yes, it’s 2016 and body mods are a given, but those ear plugs aren’t doing him any favors. Seeing him shoot his second load all over the mirror, however … you’re welcome.

[Watch Garrett at Sean Cody]

Pole number two cums attachted to Jordan Easton from ChaosMen

hot str8 guys jacking off videosJordan has that “wait, haven’t I seen him before” look to him. Jordan’s uncut dick is straight, but he calls himself bi and reports he has more full-on sex on camera than at home. That will not be stopping anytime soon. According to Bryan, he’ll be back the week of Thanksgiving for an ‘Extra Butt-Stuffing’ Marathon.’ Gobble, gobble.

[Watch Jordan Easton at ChaosMen]

Pole number three belongs to Rick from Corbin Fisher

hot str8 guys jacking off videosRick likes the ladies and makes sure we know that. Apparently, the ladies these days go for whipped brows and shaved holes?! “Fear None Trust Few” must be his motto since he got it inked across his pecs. It’s a shame he has such a stick up his ass as in addition to that tight body, he’s got a nice smile too. Enjoy him while you can. I don’t think we’ll be seeing him again without a girl to keep us gay guys at bay.

[Watch Rick at CorbinFisher]

Which one flips your switch?

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