How Hot Are Paul Wagner & Jordan Starr Together?!

I love when we see duos I wasn’t expecting, like when we get a stud we’ve typically seen recently at (sexy daddy Paul Wagner) with one we’ve never seen at (hung jock Jordan Starr). It’s a pairing I never thought possible and didn’t realize I needed, so I’m giddy to see it come to fruition.

Even better? There’s no silly story or distracting dialogue, just two handsome men going at it in bed. And even better? It’s a flip (praise the lord!), allowing both of these versatile hunks to show off their talents. They meet at RandyBlue in a scene from a few weeks ago that we overlooked because of all the other hot sex Paul and Jordan have been having—but this one if definitely worth your time.

Paul Wagner, Jordan Starr Paul Wagner, Jordan Starr

Paul Wagner, Jordan Starr

This is Jordan’s Randy debut, although we have seen him a lot at CockyBoys. The two start off with some sexy smooching, and right away I’m drawn (as usual) to all of that hot hair all over Paul’s body, from his handsome face and toned pecs to his forearms and legs. Jordan starts slurping on that fuzzy cock, with Paul making sure Jordan stays down in it.

Paul Wagner, Jordan Starr Paul Wagner, Jordan Starr

Paul Wagner, Jordan Starr

That leads to a hot 69, and Paul then tops first as he pins Jordan down before turning him over so he two can stare at each other as they fuck. Paul then gets a taste of Jordan’s girthy cock, getting it nice and wet before he sits on it. Paul gets on his back, showing off his hot hairy body as he takes it. The two then kiss again as Paul shoots, then licks Jordan’s sac before he shoots, too. Big woof to these two!

See the full scene at RandyBlue!


22 thoughts on “How Hot Are Paul Wagner & Jordan Starr Together?!”

  1. very nice made….made by the cockyboy team…but why so much better then cockyboys are today?? simple….sexy…nice camera…smooth spotlights….well done…


    paul wagner and jprdan starr are both hot hairy daddies yummy especial paul wagner wih his thick stiff cock

  3. Universal Potentate

    Jordan Starr looks never better.
    Paul Wagner looks like he has cancer.
    Paul needs some sun and I don’t know what. But his sunken eyes and dehydrated lips do not read as “sexy.”

    1. How can yopu be so rude?
      Apart from insulting Paul Wagner, who is certainly sexy, you’re insulting all those people who have cancer and certainly wish to be still so cute as Paul is.
      Shame on you.

          1. I find both guys very sexy — and as someone with CLL, I did not appreciate the cancer remark.

    2. Bizarre to say someone looks like he has cancer and then in the very next sentence suggest he go get some sun damage on his skin.

    3. So your ‘solution’ to someone who may have cancer (Wagner doesn’t buy go off being a cunt)… is to ‘get sun’. So you just want him dead. Cool, coolcoolcoolcoolcool-

      1. Universal Potentate

        4 points
        1. You people keep repeating that sun is bad for cancer. That’s just false. You shouldn’t expose a cancerous area of skin to the sun. Any internal cancer has no effect with sun exposure. I’m sure there are certain rare cases or drug interactions, but generally, sun tanning is unrelated to the kind of internal cancers which make one pale and sickly looking.
        2. My point was he looks pale and sickly, not specifically about the sun. Focus on the point you ridiculous bunch rainbow colored snowflakes.
        3. This entire thread shows that the one thing you will galvanize behind is your right to be petty queens. Threaten your right to turn this message board into a Twitter-like cesspool of misunderstanding, misinformation, pettiness and virtue signaling and out the woodwork you will come in defense of being garbage people.
        If you think Paul looks great, politely disagree and say “I think he looks good, especially for his 40s.” I think Paul looks pale, sunken eyed and sickly LIKE A CANCER PATIENT. It’s an analogy, not a dick. Don’t take it so hard, queens!
        4. No one focused on the positive. Jordan Starr looks fantastic!

        1. Grrrrl you know you are just as petty as the rest of us and it’s fun watching you get all wound up and lashing out with words snowflake and virtual signaling. So many other holes to poke in this, but I have a question … did you have a shitty holiday weekend too? Mine sucked ass, and not the good kind and I’m still taking it out on anyone within digital spitting distance.

          1. PS. On closer inspection Paul would appear to be suffering from facial lipoatrophy. So go ahead and give him the proper patient name… I dare you

          2. Universal Potentate

            I had a fantastic weekend. Celebrated my 33rd, the age of Jesus.
            I’ve always loathed political correctness, social censorship and humorlessness.
            And you noticed accurately that I even censored myself a little. I didn’t say he was an AIDS drug wastoid, and instead chose cancer patient, because I didn’t want to overtly offend the reading audience.
            Next time I’ll know to just go right to the most offensive thing since that apparently has less red meat than a more indirect analogy.

          3. Oh honey you know I am far from politically correct but I will call out bullshit comments. I knew what you wanted to say, so I dared you to say it. Well done. All the cancer patients can sit. back. down. This AIDS survivor says, FACTS, his face looks sallow and sunken from meds. Those eyes say “I was out at the club too late, and maybe other stuff”. Waistoid is a bit harsh.
            Happy 33, here’s to you making it past Easter. Cheers to the Queers with the Black Humor, (Half-Black in some cases) :*

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