Jordan Starr, Hazel Hoffman

Jordan Starr Splits Hazel Hoffman’s Beautiful Buns

CockyBoys has been giving us some long-overdue pairings recently, like Daniel Evans fucking Trevor Brooks and then flipping with Cody Seiya, and now we get another one that gives Jordan Starr‘s big juicy cock a workout.

The lucky bottom to worship that cock is Hazel Hoffman, the two starting with some smooching before Hazel frees the beast from Jordan’s shorts. That big and beautiful boner popping out is such a wonderful sight, and Hazel slurps on it before standing up and feeding Jordan that equally hot cock.

Jordan Starr, Hazel Hoffman Jordan Starr, Hazel Hoffman

Jordan Starr, Hazel Hoffman Jordan Starr, Hazel Hoffman

Hazel then turns around to get his smooth pink hole munched (Jordan working up a big strand of spit that stretches from hole to mouth), then takes Jordan’s big dick from behind. Even better is when Hazel sits down on the top, the bottom’s own big dick bouncing up and down off Jordan’s tight stomach as the top rubs Hazel’s smooth chest.

Jordan Starr, Hazel Hoffman Jordan Starr, Hazel Hoffman

Jordan Starr, Hazel Hoffman Jordan Starr, Hazel Hoffman

Jordan then takes Hazel from behind again (I love those reverse shots of Jordan’s big sac as he fucks), using the couch as leverage to help lift his muscular body up in the air before creaming Hazel’s hole—then turns the bottom over to breed him with that load, making Hazel squirt.

See the full scene at CockyBoys!


15 thoughts on “Jordan Starr Splits Hazel Hoffman’s Beautiful Buns”

  1. Both are gorgeous actors. Jordan Starr and Hazel Hoffman. However, I think Hazel doesn´t need that weird piercing. His face is so perfect! He doesn´t need that. Hazel is naturally beautiful.

  2. All these comments are pathetic. You losers hate on this studio. Who DO NOT read your comments nor care what you think.

    If you really wanted them to change. You’d tell them. But none of you have the balls to do so, nor will you ever.

    And the hard truth that you all need to just get comfortable with and just swallow. Their format works and is still making them bank. There’s no reason for them to change. And they won’t until they start losing that money.

  3. from a very special art porn company, to junk, bad light, all the time the same room or location…99% is white, or they look like twins…is the company sold, or why they lost so extrem the quality?….i think thay have been on top with Calvin Banks….but now…very sad to see how a company can end up.

  4. To those Ignorants that leave comments like White Supremacists this, White Supremacists that. Just a Factual Reminder. ONLY A RACIST SEES RACISM.

    1. hell yeah brother, these colords have forgotten their place!! White is the only attractive race to be honest which is why they’re the majority in porn.

  5. Great scene with Starr and Hoffman. I love to hear them expressing pleasure and talking while fucking and also when the bottom has a huge fat cock. Where can I buy this DVD with Starr and Hoffman ?

      1. typical Cockyboy Studios since a few months now….one room location, bad or extrem to much light….low budget.

  6. Another great BOTTOM : ANGELO MARCONI
    A very disappointing TOP : AUSTIN WOLF (boring and mute during the fucking)
    Another great cock and TOP : ANDREW STARK

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