Trevor Brooks, Daniel Evans

Daniel Evans & Trevor Brooks Finally Fuck!

Waaaaait a minute…is that true? Ever since he made his debut last year, Trevor Brooks has never performed with Daniel Evans? With all of those CockyBoys scenes they both have? Really?!

As it turns out, yes—it is true, and I’m shook. I had to check my porn memory, and was reminded that Trevor had a hot flip fuck with Evan Knoxx (Daniel’s real-life BF), and also appeared in the six-man orgy from Happy Endings—a film Daniel was in, but wasn’t in the orgy. So it’s about damn time these two finally got together! (I also had to double-check, and was surprised again that Trevor was not one of the six exclusives CockyBoys just announced for 2023).

Trevor Brooks, Daniel Evans Trevor Brooks, Daniel Evans

Trevor Brooks, Daniel Evans

It also seems both Daniel and Trevor weren’t cutting their hair until they performed together, as they are both rocking the shaggy look for this scene (we’ve seen this from Daniel for a little bit, but not so much Trevor…thoughts? I’m definitely digging the look on Daniel!). The two start with some smooching before they deep throat each other, Daniel then munching his bud’s hole (a hot overhead shot looking down as Daniel jiggles Trevor’s bubble butt with his hands).

Trevor Brooks, Daniel Evans Trevor Brooks, Daniel Evans

Trevor Brooks, Daniel Evans

Daniel then slides his hot cock in from behind, soon pinning the bottom to the bed with it—Trevor gripping the sheets as he takes it. The bottom then takes it from the side and on his back, their two heads grazing as Daniel breathes heavily into his face while getting closer to the edge—Trevor shooting a hot load on himself before getting creampied.

What do you think of this long-anticipated pairing?

See the full scene at CockyBoys!



19 thoughts on “Daniel Evans & Trevor Brooks Finally Fuck!”

  1. Li'l Buttercup

    when will gay men realize that the word “cunt” is completely derogatory about women, and not clever slang?

    1. I totally agree — but I’ve heard some women use it too, including my mother. (Of course, she was talking about Linda Tripp.)

  2. Never like Daniel much as he had that marine haircut and Rosie red cheeks looked like a little kid. Oh but now with the longer hair and bread he is hot hot . He got the look of a real man more of the real man Daniel! He’s hot if he’s either taking it or giving it . Come on Sword more about This type of porn star and less of the plastic Maddox type and less of the tattooed billboards you usually have.

        1. Oh the childish remark really hurt me. Grow up moron and stop TRYING to be funny when your not .your only making a fool of yourself!

    1. No because you stated an opinion with out any bitterness.
      Now next time try to add something you liked about the scene :)

      ie: Wow those guys can fuck, but it would of been hotter if they ended with cum on their faces.

      (Know that this is comment is made in fun and no mocking is intended.)

      1. It’s “would have” not “would of”.

        And it’s “without” not “with out”.

        (Rest in peace, English language.)

          1. I’ve been called other body parts before (asshole, dickhead) but this is the first time I’ve ever been called a cunt — thank you for the honor!

            P.S. At least I don’t hide who I am. I post under my real name rather than cowering behind “Anonymous”.

          2. The anonymous at 5:22 is loner Andy trying to make it seems like he has support. Pathetic.

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