Olivier Robert, Jordan Starr

Hung Jock Jordan Starr Pounds Ripped Bottom Olivier Robert’s Ginger Hole

Dear lord, would you look at these bodies?! The male physique is represented beautifully in this perfect pairing that brings together Jordan Starr and Olivier Robert for some hot man sex—and adds a hot twist.

I can’t get enough of Jordan, who always makes a striking impression: tall and handsome with a great smile, a jock build with a hot dusting of hair, and that big dick between his legs. Meanwhile, Olivier is a ripped ginger with a mischievous smile and fuzzy abs for days. We haven’t seen enough of this French stud since he made his debut two years ago, so I’m giddy any time he films a new scene.

Olivier Robert, Jordan Starr Olivier Robert, Jordan Starr

The mere visual of these two together speaks for itself. The stills alone for this scene have my slack-jawed mouth literally oozing drool to the floor; these bodies are heaven. Jordan opens the action by burying his face in Olivier’s hot hole, then slurping on his uncut cock. Jordan then stuffs his girthy cock down the sub’s mouth, throat fucking him.

Olivier Robert, Jordan Starr Olivier Robert, Jordan Starr

After a hot 69, we get the gorgeous shot of Jordan fucking Olivier from the side, their two bodies stretched out in full for our enjoyment. Jordan spices things up by filming the action with his phone, which is also hooked up to a TV monitor in front of Olivier as he takes it doggy (would you look at that ass?!)—the bottom watching a closeup of his hole getting fucked in real time (I LOVE this setup and wouldn’t mind a recurring series that gives us more of this scenario…so hot!).

Olivier Robert, Jordan Starr Olivier Robert, Jordan Starr

Jordan then fucks Olivier on his back (on the arm of the sofa, which looks a little uncomfortable), the bottom still getting a glimpse of the closeups on the TV. Dirty talking Jordan soon fucks a load out of Olivier, who soon takes a wad on his hole. How hot are these two?!

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6 thoughts on “Hung Jock Jordan Starr Pounds Ripped Bottom Olivier Robert’s Ginger Hole”

    1. Like his hotter cool country cousin…I can see it.
      Sometimes you don’t want to change the sheets after hooking up. :)

    2. Lol!!! Jack was so disgusting looking and acting that he was an absolute embarrassment to the gay community. In real life he was a total bitch and loved to get fucked by the homeless

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