Reese Rideout

Reese Rideout Spills On His All-Time Worst Scene Partner

It looks like the boys on the Discretion Advised podcast are getting messy again! Just months after host Marc MacNamara asked CockyBoys standout Liam Riley to reveal his all-time worst scene partner, host John Hill is repeating the question to the show’s latest porn star guest, Reese Rideout!

Reese, who will be making his NakedSword Originals debut in just a few weeks, was tasked with answering the question during a round of ‘Does It Burn?’, a game where guests have to answer “burning truths” if they incorrectly answer a trivia question. After some quick thinking about his answer to John’s inquiry, Reese revealed that his worst partner was someone he’s actually worked with several times.

Reese Rideout

“Worst scene partner would probably be with the person I filmed with the most and we had this big rival back in the day with Randy Blue,” said the actor. “Even though I love him to death, Chris Rockaway. He’s a fucking diva!”

Dating all the way back to scenes released in 2007, Reese has starred in multiple scenes with Chris for the Randy Blue site. This includes a duo scene, multiple threesomes, and even some group scenes with Chris. Reese reveals that during one of those scenes though, Chris’ inability to perform actually caused him to have some travel troubles.

Reese Rideout

“He caused me to be late one day for a flight because he just couldn’t take it up the ass so well,” revealed Reese. “So many breaks. So many damn breaks. Whining!”

Oop! So there you have it. If you’re going to bottom in porn, make sure that you’re able to handle the dick that’s being delivered or you might just piss off your scene partner and cause them to have some serious air travel issues!

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Let us know what you think of this situation down in the comments and if you want more from this interview, be sure to listen to the full episode of Discretion Advised right now over on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, or!


9 thoughts on “Reese Rideout Spills On His All-Time Worst Scene Partner”

  1. I donʻt really see the point of talking about who your worst scene partner was. First of all, it destroys the fantasy for anyone who actually dug the scene or the scene partner in question. Secondly, do you really want to be calling people out and burning bridges?? Seriously, the need to dig up dirt is just too much sometimes…. sigh

  2. I never believed the gay4pay thing! Why and how is it even possible that a supposedly “straight guy” wakes up to decide that they are either going to take it up their behind or shove it up the behind of another guy for pay…?! I would think that one would flip burgers, wash windshields on street corners or anything else before doing something so not in their sexual nature! Begs the question then : are they really straight or just using that as a selling gimmick for those fetishist queens with tinges of internalized self loathing?

  3. This is interesting, as I was a huge Randy Blue fan and watched all their scenes together multiple times. The thing about Rockaway that bugged me was his cum…clear, watery and difficult to see (read: disappointing). Reese was and is an average cummer; I’ve loved him since his solo debut with LegendMen. And he’s a better actor/performer today, IMO. He’s a sweetheart.

  4. Well, that’s what happens when you hire a straight guy who revels in his being straight to do gay porn as a bottom. Gorgeous man and I downloaded every scene he did because of that, but he did not do well when he couldn’t play the “Macho Macho Man”.

  5. They did their first scene in 2007?.. A porn star can last 15 years in the business? Their dicks don’t have expiration dates?

  6. Well I guess there goes mom’s old saying, “If you don’t have anything nice to say, CRAM IT!” But if they’re as good friends as Reese claims, Chris would take it as water under the bridge.

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