Sumner Blayne, Michael Boston

Hung Stud Sumner Blayne Splits Michael Boston’s Big Booty

I still haven’t caught my breath from seeing Tryp Bates and Brogan grind their hot muscles against each other, and now Falcon is giving us hot-bodied Sumner Blayne and his big dick pounding the spectacular ass of Michael Boston?! That’s a lot of hot man all around, and I’m here for it.

Even better? This pairing comes to us in the Into You series, which relies on the simple premise of hot men in their white underwear—no crazy stories or setups, just gorgeous visuals like this…

Sumner Blayne Michael Boston

Sumner Blayne, Michael Boston Sumner Blayne, Michael Boston

Sumner Blayne, Michael Boston

It’s a lazy day in bed, and after the two spend some time smooching, Michael goes for Sumner’s big and beautiful boner—slurping it nice and deep. Michel straddles Sumner’s face, so the tan jock spreads those award-winning cheeks and plants his tongue inside (Michael’s hole is beautiful…even total bottoms would have to get a taste!).

Sumner Blayne, Michael Boston Sumner Blayne, Michael Boston

Sumner Blayne, Michael Boston Sumner Blayne, Michael Boston

Sumner Blayne, Michael Boston

Sumner then pounds the bottom from behind, Michael’s bubble butt rippling with each thrust. Michael then sits down on that big dick and rides, showing off his leg and core strength as he slides up and down—his own cock rock hard. Michael then leans back and shows off his pits as Sumner reaches around to jack him as he fucks him. Michael finally gets on his back, Sumner pressing his chest down with his hands as he finishes him off. What do your eyes fixate on the most here: Michael’s booty, or Sumner’s body?

See the full scene at Falcon!


22 thoughts on “Hung Stud Sumner Blayne Splits Michael Boston’s Big Booty”

  1. Sumner Blayne is gorgeous. Michael Boston is wonderful and I like his bubbly personality. He has no prejudices and films with blacks, Asians and Latinos, things that certain actors don’t do. And, in person, he is quite polite, relaxed and pleasant. And his ass is the perfect bubble butt.

    1. Quite polite, relaxed and pleasant? Ummm, not in this lifetime. He’s one of the most self absorbed, narcissistic, unpleasant, rude, obnoxious people I have ever met. And I live and work in LA so that’s say a lot about it.
      Really thinks he is changing society with his flabby butt that I’m surprised has any feeling or sensation in it.

      1. People have different experiences. Everyone in my social circle only spoke good things to me about Michael Boston. Not even 1 single person I know has reported anything bad about him. He is always described as playful, with a bubbly personality, funny, simple and caring. Furthermore, with me, he was always extremely pleasant and polite.

  2. I couldn’t stop laughing at the way Boston had to hold onto her wig so it would fly off. He is one ugly looking human waste

    1. He is the liquid that collects at the bottom of a garbage dumpster in an alleyway in New York after a month in the summer.

  3. I just watched the entire film and both Sumner and Michael are extremely hot and really into each other. This is how someone makes real, passionate love. The anonymous poster gave a totally crazy review of Michael, just like he/she does in his/her other negative posts. From the hot making out sequences, to the hard fucking and watching Michael’s ass bounce on Sumner’s cock, to the backing up on Sumner’s dick, this is a well filmed and directed film from Falcon.

  4. Having witnessed a rather “elevated” Michael Boston at Horsemeat Disco in LA before New Years Eve, I can confirm, his hair looks like a Drew Dixon collection reject, he is pale, doughy and reeeeeeealllllly thinks he is something special.

      1. If you would like to try that sentence again, with correct grammar this time, that would nice.
        It’s not snark, and it’s not supposed to be witty. It’s the reality of what I saw and what I thought.
        Take a seat clown.

  5. Stop with the exaggeration. He is not hung, just bigger than average. With a bottomless fat ass Boston, this is child’s play.

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