Jake Preston, Jay Stroke

Hung Studs Jay Stroke & Jake Preston Get Creative with a Pull-up Bar

When first we saw handsome Jay Stroke at Men.com, it was actually in a scene with Jake Preston. But the silly hospital encounter was a big Jay tease, as he was a bystander who shot fake cum before disappearing so Jake could fuck daddy Mitch Cox.

We thankfully saw his big hot dick in his studio debut at Sean Cody, and have since seen him a few times at Men—including late last year when he fucked Cristiano. Now the hairy hunk is back to show off his bottom side, but not before we get to see him work out—and if the scene just showed us toned jock Jay exercising, it would still be worth a watch (in fact, I wish we got to see more of it during the lead-in to the sex!). After a kitchen misunderstanding where we get to drool over Jay’s hot bod, Jake watches the house guest jump rope and get sweaty—and I can’t stop staring at Jay’s furry chest and tight stomach (I wanna lick him up and down!).

Jay Stroke

Jake Preston

Jake Preston, Jay Stroke

Jake pops out his big boner and strokes it as he watches, then decides to pull down Jay’s pants when he’s doing pull-ups. Then we’re off to the races as the two take turns blowing each other’s big dicks, including when Jake hangs from the pull-up bar and Jay holds him up while slurping away—his handsome bearded face stuffed with schlong. Jay then decides to use the pull-up bar again, holding himself up as Jake fucks him.

Jake Preston, Jay Stroke

Jake Preston, Jay Stroke

Jake Preston, Jay Stroke

Back in the bedroom, Jay gets on his back for more of that big cock (where once again I am distracted by those hairy pecs!). Jay then sits down on Jake before taking it doggy, the top shooting his load on the bottom’s ass. I wish this scene was a flip, but I’m happy to finally see more of Jay! Do you like him more on top or bottom?

See the full scene at Men.com!


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