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I’m Ready To Say That Tayler Tash Has The Absolute Best Ass In The Industry

I know that proclaiming the definite statement that someone has the best dick or best ass in the entire gay porn industry is pretty extreme, but sometimes it just has to be done. Sometimes you’re just watching a scene and you see a booty that’s so fucking big and perfect that you just have to yell to the world that you’ve officially found the world’s best butt.

So let’s now take a moment for me to announce that of everyone working in the industry today, Falcon Studios star Tayler Tash absolutely has the best ass out of all of ’em. There’s is simply no competition. He is king here. I am sorry to Michael Boston and his twin, but Tayler is the new sheriff in town and he’s gonna remain the ruler of all things bubble butt as long as he’s around.

If you wanna see this booty in action, Tayler and his massive dumper are stars of the latest scene from Falcon’s Winter Skyy Riders. Paired with bearded hunk Tony D’Angelo, Tayler can be seen in this new bareback video staying in for a romantic evening by the fire. When the flames aren’t enough to keep Tony and Tayler warm, the two heat things up by diving into some bareback action.

It’s then that we get to see Tayler’s fan-fucking-tastic ass as Tony rims it, spanks it, and stuffs it with his raw cock. Take a look below at some pics of the action, but I just have to tell you now that these photos do not do the booty justice. These wumbo cakes are meant to be viewed in action, so head over to the Falcon site as soon as you can to see them in their full glory.


So what do you think? Can you name a porn star with a better ass that’s working in the industry today? Are you in support of me crowning Tayler as the big booty king? Sound off in the comments below with all your hot bubble butt thoughts and be sure to watch this entire ass-centric scene right now over at Falcon Studios!

[Watch ‘Winter Skyy Riders’ w/ Tony D’Angelo & Tayler Tash]


6 thoughts on “I’m Ready To Say That Tayler Tash Has The Absolute Best Ass In The Industry”

  1. I must disagree. Tash has a great ass, but he’s no Adam Killian or Devin Franco just to drop a couple of names…

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