Roman Todd, Chris White

In Appreciation of Roman Todd’s Quads

If every single scene Roman Todd ever did involved him working out at the gym, the world would be a much better place. There’s something almost hypnotic about watching this man’s body in action, and every single time I see a new scene with him, I swear he looks even better than before.

Case in point: “Gym Bros,” where he works out with ginger hunk Chris White—a fellow physical specimen with a great smile and red hot pubes (Chris made his debut at Stag Collective last year; this is his first scene for Next Door, which is sort of the same thing anyway).

Roman Todd, Chris White Roman Todd, Chris White

Roman looks simply stunning here, and it’s a showcase for his body. He does curls  (veins popping out of his biceps) and winks at us, he flexes and shakes his booty—in essence making us worship every inch of his body, and I am here 100% for it. The two jocks blow each other, and I love seeing Roman put his man hands on Chris’s head to guide the sucker’s head down on his cock.

Roman Todd, Chris White Roman Todd, Chris White

Roman also gets his jock hole munched, but it’s the fucking where we get a few fantastic moments: Roman plowing Chris from behind, the top resting his hands behind his head to show off his amazing mid-section as he fucks hands-free (with the mirror giving us a shot of his muscular backside at the same time…bravo!); and a spirited plunge fuck where Roman shows off his core, glute and quad strength (would you look at all of those muscles?!).

Roman Todd, Chris White Roman Todd, Chris White

The top then holds on to Chris’s head again as he dumps his load on the sub’s face, a great finish that will have all of us envious we aren’t in the same position. (Take me, Roman! Have your fucking way with me!)

See the full scene at Next Door Studios!


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