Sir Peter, Pol Prince

In Case You Wanna Get Fucked By Sir Peter’s Actual Plunger…

Is this new scene from a Halloween-inspired effort like it’s recent sucking Dracula effort? No, but it does feature Sir Peter channeling his blue collar sexiness dressed up as a plumber, and that’s good enough for me.

Pol Prince has sprung a leak, so he calls an expensive plumber to fix his pipes. And here comes Sir Peter looking hot as fuck to get the job done (dear lord…can you image if he showed up as your plumber?!). What follows is typical sillyness (with a Euro twist), but frankly it works he for a number of reasons, including there are no women, and that Sir Peter is a god.

Sir Peter, Pol Prince Sir Peter, Pol Prince

The plumber accidentally grabs Pol’s boner instead of his wrench, and that sets in motion the fun to follow—with Pol quickly being put in his place: “I’m far from straight, but I’m no bottom,” explains the Sir as he whips out his massive bone and orders Pol to “Suck it!” He soon has his handsome fuzzy face planted in Pol’s ass, then fucks him with the handle of the plunger (ouch!) to warm up his hole.

Sir Peter, Pol Prince Sir Peter, Pol Prince

The site of Sir Peter’s body pinning Pol to the kitchen island is heaven (would you look at the definition in his arms, abs and side?! Those ribs!), and Pol also takes it hard from behind (what I wouldn’t give to have Peter whispering dirty talk into the back of my ear, his beard grazing my neck as he talks dirty to me!).

Sir Peter, Pol Prince Sir Peter, Pol Prince

Pol also rides that big dick (biting on the plunger as he takes it), and I hate myself for admitting I smiled when the top smacks the plunger against the bottom’s butt as he fucks him, the suction cup clinging to Pol’s cheek as he continues to bounce up and down (well done, boys!). Every so often, one of these silly scenes works, and thanks to these two performers, this one is a winner.

See the full scene at!

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