Jack Andy, Jackson Radiz

Jackson Radiz Bottoms For Jack Andy’s Massive Dick

Looks like there are two new peeping Toms over at Raging Stallion! For the latest episode of the studio’s new bareback thriller Guilty As Sin, straight bros Jack Andy and Jackson Radiz are whipping out their surveillance equipment to secretly record the events of last week’s Raging flip-fuck between the beefy Beau Butler and the versatile Derek Kage.

Quickly into the scene, both of the married men reveal that even though they’re straight as an arrow, watching constant gay sex through their camera has them in the mood to head straight home and give it to their wives hard. (Can you blame them though? I think anyone would be inconsolably horny if they were watching someone like Beau Butler fuck non-stop.)

As you could have probably predicted, all the talk of fucking their wives and the sight of Beau Butler’s character barebacking Derek soon has the men deciding they need to drain their balls right then and there. Jackson wastes no time filling his mouth with Jack’s giant cock on a nearby bed before completely stripping down for Jack to dick down his hetero hole. Take a look below at some of the action:

So what do you think of this new scene? Have you caught up with all the past Guilty As Sin action? Let us know in the comments below with all of your hot thoughts and if you want to see even more from this big dick hookup, be sure to watch the entire video over at Raging Stallion!

[Watch ‘Guilty As Sin’ ft. Jack Andy & Jackson Radiz]


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