In Their Room Berlin Premieres This Weekend

The contemplative and erotic narrative of director Travis Mathews’ In Their Room takes on a new form in In Their Room – Berlin, a feature film premiering this weekend in New York. Watch the trailer below.

After the success of In Their Room, a series of vignettes exploring the different lives of eight men in San Francisco, Mathews set out to expand on the concept and traveled to Berlin. There, he captured raw and poignant moments similar to the ones he documented in the original In Their Room. Being a full length feature isn’t the only aspect of In Their Room – Berlin that is different. Unlike the original project, In Their Room – Berlin features real sex between real men.

Taking place during the course of one day, the feature explores the sex lives of seven gay Berliners as each searches for sexual intimacy in very different ways.


This fall, In Their Room – Berlin will debut on and on DVD. It screens this weekend at New York’s LGBT film festival, New Fest. Click here for showtimes, and click here for the original In Their Room series.

21 thoughts on “<em>In Their Room Berlin</em> Premieres This Weekend”

  1. Maybe if you just think of this as “just porn” you are missing the film’s point. Assuming the movie is about individuals’ searching for sexual intimacy, there is potentially more to it then what the guys look like — Does everything involving sex have to be like chewing on a piece of bubble gum for twenty seconds?

    1. Well actually, I do have a degree in Clinical Psychology. I know a lot more about these models than you do. I also know for a fact that your “knowledge” of these models is false. And you are making it up. Yes, I am insulting you. The difference is, I have a reason for saying these things to you. You’ve earned it, these models haven’t. You are an arrogant asshole that is full of shit. Give it up man.

      1. Haha, suuuure you do. I feel sorry of your patients then. So what you’re saying is… I need to “know a lot” about these “models” in order for me to have an opinion at all? Whether it be negative or positive. Right, makes perfect sense. Your logic is idiotic. No, there is no difference with your insults towards me… you say you are doing it for a reason, well so am I. Deal with it.

        1. You’re missing the point entirely and in turn, showing how stupid you are. Sharing your opinion is one thing. But you are going way beyond that. You’re statements aren’t opinions, they are just insults. The fact that you think there is no difference between what I’m saying to you and your pointless insults, also shows how delusional you are. You’re acting out in the same way a high school bully would. You’re immaturity is honestly sad.

          1. You don’t have a point. So just stfu already and stop being a cry baby. Tell you what, when you see “DPS” in the comments… don’t fucking read what I say! Is that simple enough for you? Case closed. Get over it.

  2. I Want Your Love was one of the most beautiful and moving shorts I’ve seen in years. I shared that clip with all of my friends who agreed. We’re all excited about the feature. Fabulous independent work like this needs our support.
    I thought the boys were gorgeous and wonderful actors.
    They were authentic and easy to relate to and I could see myself knowing and or hanging with them.
    I’m looking forward to seeing the Berlin film at NewFest

  3. ObserveandApply

    In his defence, a lot of porn features really polished looking guys so I quite enjoyed the average leads in I Want Your Love.

  4. I know the director is going for the whole “real” look… but the last two guys he used looked like homeless hipsters that didn’t know what a razor was. I hope these new guys are a little easier on the eyes.

    1. What the fuck made you such a bitter cunt?? Is your life really that miserable that you have to get on a gay porn blog and take out your anger and depression on people you know nothing about? It would be different if your negative comments had any validity, but they don’t. It is just pointless hate. Go to a fucking therapist you loser. Get your shit sorted out and get the fuck out of here because no one wants you here.

      1. LOL. Oh Jesus Christ, calm down and stop crying. Just because I’m brutally honest doesn’t mean that I’m a “bitter cunt” or “depressed”. You do know we are talking about porn here right?

        1. You’re not being “brutally honest” you’re just talking shit and making stuff up. There are things you have stated in previous comments that you have no idea what the truth really is. The accusations you make about these models are not “brutal honesty” they are empty, shit slinging, insults. You are a bitter cunt and you are obviously depressed and unhappy with your life and who you are. Otherwise you wouldn’t feel the need to blindlessly insult and harass these people. While you hide behind the protection of your computer. If you were happy with your life then you would state your opinion on the matter without unnecessarily ripping apart everyone you don’t like. You’re either doing it for all those reasons. Or you just like the attention. I’m gonna go with both. You are immature and truly pathetic. What goes around comes around mother fucker.

          1. I agree with Tom and would like to suggest to Zach that you ban DPS from commenting here … he literally provides NOTHING OF RELEVANCE to the conversation happening on this otherwise fine blog.

            ps Surprised he didn’t somehow use this as an opportunity to bash Chris Porter? If I were Chris I would consider getting a restraining order … DP’s obsession with Chris is bordering on the psychotic.

          2. Wow, and where did you get your degree in psychology? The dumb fuck Institute? Get your head out of your loose ass. “You have no idea what the truth really is.” Oh and I supposed you know what “the truth really is” right? How the fuck do you know that I haven’t met any of these “models” personally? You don’t. So get off your high horse and quit your failing attempt at trying to put me in my place. You’re pointing fingers at me and accusing me of “harassing and insulting”… yet that is now what you are attempting to do to me. Moron.

          3. Believe me, if I were to ban anyone from commenting on The Sword, it would be DPS. He provides nothing of substance or relevance in any of his comments, which are actually just boring drive-by insults without any thought or creativity to them. But if I ban him, then I have to start banning and policing everyone who is negative or critical (yes, there is such a thing as a “good” critical comment), and that’s a slippery slope. Plus, DPS could just use a different IP and/or screenname and start all over again. DPS has been warned about the kind of comments he can’t leave (which he’s still tried to do), but in the meantime, just ignore him. He’s not worth your time.

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