Insanely Hot Person On The Cover Of New Treasure Island Media ebook

I’ve never read an “ebook” (what is an ebook?), but I will gladly take 10 of these, whatever they are, since they have former Sean Cody model “Jay” a.k.a. Paul Morris muse “Isaac” on the cover and featured inside.

I almost wish Treasure Island and Paul Morris hadn’t done this to me. Jay/Isaac had been gone long enough so that I just recently stopped thinking about him. Now with unseen photos of him in this ebook (buy it for .99 cents), the obsession starts all over again.

Here’s a look back at the most perfect, painfully short career of the most perfect amateur porn performer ever. (As previously noted, he never ended up doing bareback porn for Treasure Island; just condom porn for Sean Cody.) If anyone knows where he is now, email me and tell me and I will give you anything you want.

The ebook cover and shots from Paul Morris’ Flickr:

From Jay’s Sean Cody scenes (three bottoming, one solo):

[Sean Cody: Jay]

[Top 10 Sean Cody Bottoms Of All Time: #1 Jay]


6 thoughts on “Insanely Hot Person On The Cover Of New Treasure Island Media ebook”

  1. His foreskin is just fine , just people you have been butchered , doesn’t mean the whole word has to be! Remember , it reduces sensitivity drastically( you probably can t tell if you haven t experienced it the other way so don’t deny :))

    Quote “The glans of the circumcised penis is less sensitive to fine touch than the glans of the uncircumcised penis. The transitional region from the external to the internal prepuce is the most sensitive region of the uncircumcised penis and more sensitive than the most sensitive region of the circumcised penis. Circumcision ablates the most sensitive parts of the penis.”

    Aside from that , very hot guy .

  2. Jay was one of my all-time favorite SC guys and it is definitely a shame that his career in porn didn’t last longer. He was a great bottom, even though he only did 3 videos for them. But SC recently brought back Chris and Jake, both of whom were away for awhile. Hopefully they can work their magic with Jay, too. (Assuming he wants to come back, that is).

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