In Which Landon Conrad Fucks Tom Wolfe

Premiering today, “The Enforcer” is the first episode of Golden Gate: Seduced By San Francisco. In it, the increasingly chiseled and always well-hung Landon Conrad bottoms for the meaty and manly Tom Wolfe. In the end though, Tom Wolfe is the one who gets fucked. Hardcore trailer below.

Without giving anything away, you’re gonna have to watch the full episode on NakedSword to find out how Chip (Landon’s smarmy, sex-starved character) turns the tables on his top. I think you’ll like it!


[Golden Gate: Seduced By San Francisco–“The Enforcer”]


12 thoughts on “In Which Landon Conrad Fucks Tom Wolfe”

      1. uh, yeah, hi, photographer here…
        and those wrinkles/skin folds on his BACK (not face..) should have been retouched out

      1. easy cobra’s, was not trying to put down LC, but from a photography standpoint if they are going to publish him in that pose, they should have airbrushed that out…


        1. I can see what you’re talking about the wrinkles as I have watched an episode of America’s Next Top Model (shakes my head in shame) where they mentioned the neck wrinkles off of some girl. But clearly this isn’t ANTM and if anyone considers those wrinkles a bonerkill, clearly they have issues.

  1. So he metaphorically rather than literally ‘fucks Tom Wolfe’? Why’d you have to get my hopes up like that?

  2. Loved the previous two Golden Gate series, this one looks set to be just as hot.
    Oh and Tom Wolfe can nail me any day.

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