Is This New Active Duty Model A White Supremacist?

So many of you hate tattoos, but what if you hated tattoos and Hitler? Because here is a new gay porn star with some Hitler tattoos.

According to a poster named “Cowboy Bob” on this JustUsBoys forum (via MenOfPorn), the tattoos on a new Active Duty model named Axl (can I buy a vowel, Pat?) are those typically found on white supremacists. Cowboy Bob cites the Anti-Defamation League as his source, and he’s painstakingly gone through tattoo by tattoo to prove his point (and I thought I had no life).

According to Cowboy Bob and the ADL, Axl’s tattoos symbolize neo-Nazism, white pride, and prison time served after murdering a minority, while one even translates to the Nazi greeting, “Heil Hitler.” And if all that weren’t bad enough, these tattoos are really ugly.

14 = representing 14 words written by David Lane, “We must secure the existance of our people and a future for white children.

88 = The 8th letter of the alphabet being H. So 88 would be HH, for Heil Hitler.

Elbow Web = The traditional symbol used by all racists to indicate time served in jail.

Celtic Cross = Represents international white pride.

Ultimately, Cowboy Bob says he “can’t support” Active Duty’s “choice in models with this person,” which is understandable! Still, this little Nazi son of a bitch sure is cute, in a nerdy, third reich kind of way.

On the other hand, Active Duty founder Dink Flamingo has responded in the JUB thread, and says (basically) that young kids like Axl are just plain stupid, and they often get stupid tattoos without knowing what they mean:

I spent five days straight in the company of this young man and not once did I ever sense or see an angry or mean bone in his body. He was sweet, gentle and very caring. In fact, I can’t remember the last time I worked with a guy that had such a sweet and caring demeanor. He was childlike in his fascination with what he was doing and so very happy and intent on doing a good job. We spent a lot of time out in public during our time together and not once did I hear him make any mean-spirited or racist comments and I live in a very culturally diverse part of the country. He smiled and beamed with pure sweetness the entire time.


One thing I did learn about Axl, like so many of these young men, is that he had a very hard childhood. When we are young and impressionable we sometimes make decisions based on our environment that we otherwise wouldn’t have made. I’m not saying that this is the end all explanation for why he got the tattoos that he got, but I would bet money on the fact that he knew very little in retrospect about their true meaning.


The next time I speak to Axl, which should be soon, I’ll be sure to ask him what his tattoos mean to him. It is my thought that his answer will come with much naivety or regret or both.

I agree with Dink. Leave Axl alone! Unless…he really is a Nazi? This is his solo (he also has an all-white four way that just came out), and he doesn’t seem like a Nazi, does he??


[ Axl]

Should Dink Flamingo pair Axl with a Jew for his next scene, as a “test”?
Which other gay porn stars do you think are white supremacists?
How should GLAAD respond to Axl’s tattoos?
Which is more offensive: Nazi porn or bareback porn?
Will you cancel your membership immediately if it turns out that Axl is a Nazi, or will you just wait until your membership expires?
Should Dink Flamingo pay for Axl’s laser tattoo removal?
Have you “had it” with gay porn stars and their tattoos?
Was Hitler gay?
Is Axl gay?



95 thoughts on “Is This New Active Duty Model A White Supremacist?”

  1. Oh my fucking fuck. I feel like I just lost 20 IQ points by reading this conversation. This guy is a hot porn star. Watch him fuck, bust a nut, & get on with your fucking lives.

  2. Oh my fucking fuck. I feel like I just lost 20 IQ points by reading this conversation. This guy is a hot porn star. Watch him fuck, bust a nut, & get on with your fucking lives.

  3. Who gives a fuck? People have the right to their own beliefs. Thought policing needs to stop! If blacks can chant “black power” and speak freely about why white people just need to die/be killed, then he can believe whatever he wants. I’m sick of all the double standards!

    1. You’re clearly a racist. As long as that’s out there and we all agree to that it’s fine. You don’t have a RIGHT to a job, being a neo nazi isn’t just an opinion, it’s morally and ethically disgusting and you are too for not understanding that.

      1. Once again, another “Anonymous” post by a PC queen. Come on girl, Silverbanshee is right. Who cares what Axl believes? He’s not out there criticizing Mao, Stalin, Che Guevarra, Pol Pot, or the other left wing loonies that you love.

        For the record, Axl’s tattoos and his beautiful body and face are hot!

        1. Was, as in past tense. He’s dead, overdosed back in 2015 which is why he seemed to fall off the face of the earth so suddenly around the time. He went out the way many porn actors do. Anyways, good riddance ‍♂️

    2. what a fucking liar. black people dont go around chanting “black power”

      and if they ever did, we ALL know who they learned to do that from

      how can you even sit there and justify it?!

      1. they most certainly do and have all their life , and there is nothing wrong with that. we all should grasp our culture, just like white people should grasp their culture too. White power too

    3. He’s dead, overdosed back in 2015 which is why he fell off the face of the earth so suddenly back then, there were a couple of reports about it at the time. He’s sucking satan’s dick now.

    1. Newsflash we aren’t in Germany. There are plenty of circucized neo nazis here in America. I’m shocked by the level of ignorance in these comments., what a shame the American school system is failing you all.

  4. Maybe he felt that way when he got them but since then he has changed, and no longer feels that way. Or he might could still feel that way. Or maybe as another person said, he might have gotten them in prison to belong to that group (you usually have to belong to a group, but I’m not sure if you have to get that tattoos, or at least that many). Whether or not he feels that way today, he might have gotten them in the interest of white supremacy back then. Coincidence isn’t not possible, but the chance of coincidence decreases with each “thing” that is along the path toward some conclusion. Coincidence shouldn’t necessarily be ruled out, but it shouldn’t be clung to like a blind bat either.

    1. He’s dead, overdosed back in 2015 which is why he seemed to fall off the face of the earth so suddenly.

  5. Late to the party but that poem is from the 13th warrior starring antonio banderas

    Vallhalla = the ‘heaven’ of the norse men. They believed that you went there when you died a heroic death, or you kissed a beautiful lady before you died.
    Axl’s Tattoo =

    Lo there do I see my father,

    Lo there do I see my mother,

    my Sisters and my brothers ,

    Lo there do I see the line of my people,

    back to the beginning.

    Lo, they do call me,

    they bid me take my place among them,

    in the halls of Valhalla, where the brave

    may live forever.

  6. Discussion is mostly over I guess but I kind of want to throw this out there as a black-skinned person. I don’t think the gay community at large is very accepting of non-white people. And contrary to how society views race, I think the gay community is much more focused on the physical aspects of race, ie, appearance versus societal perceptions of socioeconomic status and how that ties to race. Being “black” or “african-american” is okay if your features and skin-color is close to caucasian. I’m sure a few guys on AD have the possibility of “black” in them but physically it’s not noticeable. Anyway, I’m not complaining or hating or really anything just kind of wondering… will there be a time that race can get to the same level as say eye or hair color. I hear people compare the two all the time but I don’t think they are really equal because a large number of people don’t care about those two features and even if they have a preference for one, it’s usually not exclusive of others. But with race, it seems there’s an overwhelming preference in that it’s just NO BLACK period. Since coming out I’ve practically shied back into the closet just because I feel so undesirable, and not just by whites, but all races. Dating women solves this since women seem to be less preoccupied with race but I’m gay, so dating a woman isn’t really where I want to be. Anyway, I’ve been dying to have some sort of intelligent conversation on this if anyone cares to give their two cents.

    1. Maury, as you posted only a couple of days ago, I thought I’d respond and try to do so “intelligently”.

      I live in England, in a town that is 98% white, in a country that is 92% white. The school I attended had around 2000 pupils and not one of them was black when I attended. Their were a handful of Indian/Asian students and that was it. I believe growing up in this environment shaped my sexual desires and that is why I am probably not really attracted to black men and those that I am attracted to have more European features (paler skin, slim nose etc.) I’m not proud of it but not exactly ashamed either because I can’t really change it. If people want to call me racist for thinking this way, then there’s nothing I can do about that either. Maybe if I’d grown up in London or better yet, Detroit, I’d feel different…

      The fact is, you’re not alone in feeling unwanted by other guys in the gay community. I’m 30 now, but when I was 17 and just starting to go out on the scene, I’ll admit I was a pretty young thing, I got a lot of attention but thought nothing of it. Now that I’m a few pounds heavier and my hair’s beginning to thin, people aren’t as interested. Gay guys on the scene wosrhip physical perfection and if you don’t match up, then it seems you are doomed. But I wouldn’t go looking for love in the clubs if I were you anyway. In that environment, anyone but a toned, young, handsome white guy is gonna get rejected at some point if not often. You’re better off just trying to make friends in the cold light of day and seeing if any of those relationships blossom into something more, or try online dating where people can be more upfront about their preferences.

      Don’t feel bad about the colour of your skin and try not to give a fuck about guys like me who don’t look past it because of their super white upbringing because there are plenty of other guys who won’t care or even prefer it. Also know that the vast majority of gay guys are insecure about their appearence because they don’t conform to the “ideal” perpetuated by the media and the gay porn industry.

      1. That was a very nice Post MrJack. It is not racist to have a preference for your own race, I know exactly where you are coming from. I am a black guy, I grew up in London. I can have an attraction for all races, but thats probably because I was exposed to many different types of beautiful men. I have black friends from the Barbados who condemn me for showing an attraction for a white guy. I really and truly believe racial attraction stems from what kind of environment you were brought up in. In regard to Maury’s comment about women, I feel that as gay men (also applies to straight men) we are concerned with looks more than personality, a women can overlook physical attraction, thats why there are many interracial relationships with black men/ white women, and this has been going on for decades. It is only recently that I have been seeing alot of white men with black women. I think with men, we are taught by our surroundings what is beautiful. I am 23, and I have many white/Asian/black men hitting on me, the younger generation is more exposed to different types of beauty in every race.

  7. “When we are young and impressionable we sometimes make decisions based on our environment that we otherwise wouldn’t have made.” Yeah, like sucking dick on tape for an ugly morbidly-obese man. (Finally, a director that makes LaRue look pretty.)

  8. Are you kidding me? Look at that cock. Look at that ASS!! and look at that Body!! I guess I sold my soul to the devil. AXL, I dont care about Tatts., You got a hot ass and cock…and in the porn business that is all that matters. Im not masterbating to your tatts. just your ass, cock, and hot body!! So for all you sensitive ‘idiots’ grow up!! We are into porn cause we want to get off… not make political statements!! So AXL, next time your in or around TEXAS… shoot me a note…. cause unlike some folks… im into your body..NOT your politics!!

  9. I love how they just assume that they know what his tattoos mean. While 14 and 88 may refer to neonazi issues, they could refer to anything. 88 could have been his jersey number in high school. 14 could be his favorite number. It could be the age he lost his virginity. It could be fucking anything.

    And the spiderweb has been EXTREMELY popular and yet basically NO ONE knows that it means jail time. They all just think it looks cool. Trust me, I’ve worked in a tattoo shop. And the celtic cross is a symbol that has been around forever. I personally have one on on my arm and my father has one. It’s a tattoo that we both got because we liked the way it looks. Simple as that.

    1. No Robin, stop playing stupid. White supremacy has a ton of tattoos that represent things about white supremacy. This guys has SEVERAL tattoos on his body that are al related to white supremacy. If someone has an “LBGT tattoo” and “rainbow” tattoo, a tattoo of who “male” symbols interlocking, a tattoo of two “female” symbols interlocking, there’s a decent chance that that person got those tattoos in the interest of gay pride, gay rights, gay freedom, et cetera. You can say that “LBGT” could be the first letters of his siblings’s names, and that he may like rainbows because they’re colorful, and that the male symbols tattoos could represent brotherhood, and that the female symbols tattoos could represent sisterhood, but it does not chance that fact at all that they are all tattoos that represent that gay community on one person’s body, and there is a decent chance that that person got those tattoos in the interest of gay and lesbianism. And it’s the same with this guy. He has many tattoos all related to white supremacy. There’s a decent chance that he got his tattoos in the interest of white supremacy. White supremacy is hateful and racist, so why is it being broadcasted in gay porn like this? Is it to instill and stir up feelings of racism in white gay people? It to cause controversy and get this guy Axl some attention? Is it both? Maybe so, because you still have these symbols of racism and white supremacy broadcasted in gay porn.

        1. It sure is our business. You don’t have a right to a job, or our patronage. I don’t like Nazis, and I’m all about calling them out. Welcome to a free society, if you don’t like that you can leave.

  10. Axl totally makes me cream in my undies, but this is disappointing. I always found his tattoos odd but didn’t know they were about white supremacy. If he is a real supremacist, didn’t he know that taking cock in his mouth and up the ass is a huge no-no in Neo-Nazi land?? If those tats were a part of his past, maybe he does gay porn to break away from it.

    Well, at least I’m not supporting it. Admittedly, I download all my Active Duty scenes.

  11. NutBuster Blog

    I know what those tattoos mean. There is no question about it. I wish I would have paid attention to them before having watched all of his scenes, which I thought were pretty hot. I would like to hear what Dink has to say after he questions Axl. It is what it is. There’s really no two ways around it. I will no longer be supporting Active Duty. And I will also be posting an update on my blog about this. There is no room for hate in gay porn. There is no room for hate in the gay community. Period.

    1. Nice to have a 0 tolerance policy on hate in the gay community. Wish it was more widespread but unfortunately not the case. I just broke up with a boyfriend of mine that was part black because I dealt with so much racism from his black friends as well as other white people. Racism in the gay community unfortunately comes from all ends.

      1. Blake your story sound fake. Like, just because the topic is about whether this guy is a white supremacist or not, to “balance it out” you just had to post some fictional story wherein black people were being racist to you. This type of practice is pretty common on the internet.

  12. Active Duty has a released a video of him with 3 other guys. Axl gets fucked and sucks cock like a pro. If he is a white supremacist his gang is going to be mighty disappointed in him.

    1. How ridiculous is the logic that just because someone is a bottom in a porn flick that there is no way he can be a racist or a neonazi? So, if he were to play a masculine role of a top in porn then your logic suggests that him being a top with those 5 symbolically racist, skinhead tattoos confirm his racism? What an intelligent assessment.

      Yes, you can be gay and a racist; yes, you can take dick up your ass and wish segregation would be reinstated; yes, you can take dozens of cumloads up your un-douched asshole from old men for money but still hold xenophobic views or ally yourself with right-wing christian conservative nut-jobs. As if we already don’t have those type of gays running around CPAC conventions and kissing up to Ann Coulter or voting for Republicans.

  13. Fascists seem to have a fatal attraction to male sex. Just think of all the skinhead stuff, and gax sex in Hitler’s first “army” the brownshirts is well documented (Adolf sorted the Nazi queens out in the Night of the Long Knives). By many of the remarks here, the turn on from a bit of rough trade seems to play out over any “nasty” side effects (like gassing gays in concentration camps). At least the guy should be challenged by his porn masters about his tats – he may be entitled to wear them (In the US, that is, not Germany) – but if he does agree with the messages they give then he shouldn’t earn his bucks in mainstream gay porn.

  14. o for god sakes, take him for what he is….just a huge sweet puppy dog hunk of gorgeous, workin’ for our pleasure in a bad economy, and maybe enjoying his work while he’s at it.

  15. When it comes to the tattoos, I’m not at all bothered by the ‘web’, ‘celtic cross’ or ‘Viking prayer’ motifs. All of those symbols are ambiguous, at best, and just because they have/may have a connotation among the white supremacist community doesn’t rob them of their other meanings to other people. The “14 88” tattoo is a lot more unambiguous, but it’s still (remotely) possible that he got it either in ignorance of its white supremacist meaning or that someone encouraged him to get it while deliberately lying to him about its meaning. Still, it stretches the limits of credulity to think that Axl got these markings done without knowing these interpretations and still remains unaware of them.

    On the other hand…

    From what I’ve seen about modern white supremacist groups, they (like the Nazis, whom they tend to revere) tend not to like gay people very much. By which I mean they generally tend to lump in homosexuals with the other racially ‘impure’ groups that they deeply despise. Now I’m sure there are some ‘closeted’ gay folks affiliated with white supremacists. But ‘closet cases’ don’t generally make gay porn that’s intended to be viewed by the (paying) public. I’ve watched Axl’s scene and he’s friendly, smiling and, from all appearences, enjoys himself as he sucks and gets sucked, fucks and gets fucked, kisses, caresses and generally has all sorts of sexual fun with 3 other hot guys. Yes, there was some occasional awkwardness and nervousness (especially when first getting penetrated by Kaden) but there’s certainly no hint of contempt or arrogance or even the “Oh God, when will this be over so I can get paid?” expression that one sees on many gay4pay models.

    So what am I left with? Two highly unlikely alternatives, as I see it. One, that we have a guy who is so committed to the white supremacist cause that he’s had their symbols and ‘hidden meanings’ permanently etched upon his body but has no problems appearing on a gay porn website where anyone can see him having, and apparently enjoying, gay sex. Or, two, we have a guy who just happens to be naive enough to get a bunch of potentially racist symbols tattooed upon his body while remaining ignorant of their meaning (which in the case of 14 88 can be found in a quick search of Google/Wikipedia).

    So I end up in a dilemma with two apparently unlikely choices, I truly have no idea about whether he’s either incredibly naive OR he’s a white supremacist who’s willing to make gay porn and doesn’t care who knows it. And, lacking something more concrete to tilt the scales one way or other, I’m going to stay on the fence and (more or less) give him the benefit of the doubt.

    1. Tired of the bullshit

      I’m on the naive side of the fence, not firmly entrenched there, but that’s where I’m standing right now. It is totally conceivable to me that he was mislead by the numbers(read dinks explanation), and had innocent reasons for the others. There are so many different tatts and a huge number of people getting them, many don’t even think there is a reason behind each individual one besides aesthetics. Other than the occiasional USMC, girlfriend/boyfriends name, etc. I haven’t seen the scene. From your description, it makes me feel even stronger that it was naive and innocently done.

      1. I’m sorry but the sheer number of tattoos suggest this is not mere coincidence or naiveté. I mean, Thor’s Hammer protecting a Celtic cross? References to Valhalla? That’s classic Neo-Nazi stuff right there (think Thule Society).

        1. Or he could come from a Norwegian/Danish-Scots/Irish ancestry… You’re right, the number of tattoos SUGGEST that it’s not coincidence, but a lot of people are acting as if it PROVES it. And without knowing more about the situation/circumstances about how he got those tattoos, all we’re really left with guesswork and hunches.

  16. As I said at MOP – he just Spencer Fox’d his way to the gay porn heap, because there is nothing fags love more than a hot hateful white guy!

    1. Except Axl hasn’t said ANYTHING, except that he enjoyed the experience, the same cannot be said for Spencer Fox. Spencer condemned himself with his own mouth every time he blogged and almost daily on Twitter. You didn’t have to make assumptions about Spencer because he made it clear how he felt repeatedly and consistently. Here, some people are making assumptions based on their interpretation of artwork and symbolism – they haven’t given the guy a chance to speak for himself before condemning him. That makes a big difference in my book…

  17. He can’t be a Nazi because he wears Calvin Klein!
    Maybe he does porn to get these tats removed?
    And why is almost everybody who does a couple of gay porn scenes nowadays called “a new gay porn STAR”?

  18. Isn't It Obvious?

    I don’t want to stir up the hornet’s nest here but couldn’t 14 and 88 mean anything, maybe it’s related to the writing around it (which I can’t make out and isn’t mentioned, he also completely misses “NN”, “the evil within” and the dragon, I don’t think dragons were ever connected to nazism) which I’m not saying is innocent, for all I know it’s a verse from the nazi bible.
    The cobweb…I don’t know if a cobweb on the elbow specifically means anything or not.
    The Celtic cross could be completely innocent by itself, I don’t know if it means anything with the hammer over it though.
    I think it’s weird how there can’t be a “white pride” I mean, everyone should be free to be proud of their culture and heritage without being linked to supremacists, at least in theory. Every race has it’s nazi-esque supremacy groups, but it’s only really if you’re proud of being white then you’re instantly looked at as if you’re a nazi. Why can’t people just get along?

    1. Did you just ask why there isn’t a “Pride” group for the majority group, in terms of population and institutional power? For real? I don’t expect everyone to discuss the theory of privilege at an academic level, but . . .

      What is this, I don’t even?

      1. Isn't It Obvious?

        I’m not saying there should be a full on pride group, I’m just talking about the idea of being able to be proud of your own heritage. Unless of course you have like a nazi/KKK heritage, then being proud of it is not really a good idea.
        Privilege, really, nowadays? Anywhere in the real world (governments and Hollywood have their issues but are they living in the real world?) where you’re more likely to get a job or a loan or whatever because of your race desperately needs to get with the times. It’s sad if there are still communities like that.

        1. The ties are still racist. Just because there aren’t white only signs and public lynchings doesn’t mean racism is over.

      2. Amen Sister!

        Obvious, isn’t it that almost every tattoo he has is used for Neo Nazi’s. Yes they do use the dragon, just as they use Grand Wizard. It seems that you didn’t even attempt to educate yourself before posting. The celtic cross and Thor’s hammer by themselves do not necessarily mean Neo Nazi. However, put them together along with the 14 & 88 and the Viking poem and you have a guy with Neo Nazi written all over him. I think one of the most idiotic then i have read on another forum is that NN are not gay. WTF????? Trust NN will hook up with a person of color to get that forbidden fruit….TRUST. You can try and White Wash this all you’d like but, those that know better will call it like we see it. They he wanted everyone to see it and know what he is a sad, sorry little idiot.

        1. Isn't It Obvious?

          I’m sorry, I’m dumb as a post I admit it. I’ll think twice before commenting next time, and then just not comment.

    2. “Every race has it’s nazi-esque supremacy groups, but it’s only really if you’re proud of being white then you’re instantly looked at as if you’re a nazi. Why can’t people just get along?”

      Are you honestly this naive? No one is arguing against having pride, but do you even know the history of the white pride movement? It’s also anti-minority, but for some reason you want to whine about us getting along. Dude, read these books and then come back and talk:

        1. :-) Well it’s never too late for some book learning. And for the record: don’t know if the guy has race issues. Will say Dink’s explanation over at MOB is the weak sauce.

  19. I find it interesting that in all of it’s years, Active Duty has rarely (if ever) casted any ethnicity other than white for his studio. In terms of content, I think Active Duty deserves a lot of credit as one of the pioneers of amateur porn, presenting “straight” men enjoying gay sex (without the Gay4Pay drama)and filling that military niche. While the US military is one of the most integrated organizations in the US, Dink Flamingo’s military is absolutely devoid of any diversity.

    Now Flamingo has to deal with this mess. Maybe in some weird way, this alleged neo nazi/white supremacist felt comfortable making his porn debut at Active Duty?

    If I were Dink, I would focus on bringing back some of the guys that gave Active Duty it’s spark. It was GREAT to see Chaz (and we need to see a lot more of him) but what some of the others: DJ, Damian, Jack, Conrad, Dane, Hops. How is it that ALL of solid performers disappeared?

    After all of this time, I doubt that any guys of color would want to work at Active Duty, but I hope they really cool it on the “skinheads.”

  20. Reminds me of that time when Mason Wyler discovered he’d been fucking a not-so-secret racist. LOL!

    (So buttsex and racist views aren’t mutually exclusive or anything. And I’m sure Viagra and pussy porn played a role in Axl’s 4-way…)

  21. Looking at guys like this and the morons that get neck tattoos and sleeves make me seriously consider going back to college and doing pre reqs for med school. You could make a killing being a dermatologist and doing laser tattoo removal.

      1. Pretty much. It could have been solved easily by Dink saying, “Whoops, I didn’t know. I apologize for having offended.” I’d even be willing to cut the kid a break, if he were to say, “I had some shitty ideologies when I was young & stupid, but I don’t hold to that anymore and am working on getting my offensive ink removed/covered up.”

        Not that I’d watch his videos until he wasn’t a walking bilboard for White Nationalism. But that’s just me.

        Instead, they’ve turned this into a good, long wank about how everyone hates Axl and he’s so sweet that he couldn’t possibly have been . . . I can’t even. Admit. Apologize. Make Amends. Move on. It’s that easy.

    1. I absolutely agree…I mean Tim Tebow can say that fags can burn in hell but someone will chime in “HE IS SO HOT!”…simply pathetic and sad!!

      1. That’s what i was going to say, because i’m doing the same thing. I’m letting my dick love Axl and I enjoy his scenes at Active Duty. He’s gorgeous and seems to really LOVE dick. He comes off as cute and playful, strange to think he actually believes in that white supremacist stuff. Then again, what do we want from our sex workers? They’re a fantasy but whatever we dream up isn’t real. Some are straight, some do drugs, some are poz, racist, or even murderers. How much do we need to care or demand on them if what we only want is to see these studs fuck?

  22. Puleez. He knows what they mean. I know what mine mean. That’s why I got them. Regardless, I could not care less. He does nothing for me. AT ALL. Stop glorifying trash. Find men who love men. And if you’re going to use TRADE, advertise it as TRADE. Don’t gloss it and try to sell me a diamond; when I know full well it’s glass. Call it glass and sleaze it up; THAT I’d buy. Jheezus.

  23. I cannot think of a better punishment for a neo-Nazi than “diversity training” in the form of cock-sucking and getting a butt pounding. Eager to know what he tattoo says!

    1. Yea I believe him. It was just a complete coincidence. And that spider tattoo, it’s been extremely popular as of late, kind of like that tribal band tattoo everyone got last decade ago.

  24. Was this supposed to be serious? This means that and that means this can be used to try to define this young man any which way – for example: “14 words”, the last 14 words from the song ‘If you could see her” from Cabaret. (look it up) “88=HH” uh Happy Homo, Happy Holidays, Here Honey (suck on this) and my favorite – I got this damn elbow tatoo and now I’m worried my opera length gloves won’t cover it up. The Celtic Cross has been around since the 8th century – guess how many million of people have used it having nothing to do with white pride. And last but NOT least – the kids on a GAY porn site – not a place you normally find neo-nazi white whatevers. To the sword: just comment on what you can prove and leave the LAME cowoby bob out of it.

    1. Tired of the bullshit

      The likelihood of him having that many tatts that are used by white supremacist with the intended meaning “happy homo”, and the other flippant comments you make are nil!….

      It may be he wasn’t aware of the meaning. Or if he did know it could be for reasons that are not indicative of his actual beliefs or he just thought they looked cool because others had them or he could have meant them at the time and has since had a change of heart. Or he could actually still feel that way. BUT using them for your ridiculous suggestions is absolute nonsense and you know it is.

      If the culture of neo nazi/skinheads/white supremecist wasn’t so evil, your comment would be sorta of funny.

      1. I think you SORT-A OF missed my point. The last 14 words of the song “If you could see her” ties it all together -assuming one knows the set-up of the piece. But the next time I need someone to tell me what I ‘know”, I’ll be sure to ask you – just so I’ll “know” – or NOT!

        1. Tired of the bullshit

          The suggestions you used were flippant and ridiculous. But maybe I did give you too much credit in saying you knew they were. I guess you thought there were serious contenders as to the meaning of the tatts. But that’s just a guess.

          Oh, I do know the last 14 words. I also know the setup and nothing in those lyrics suggest flippancy.

          1. Lord, you are dense. My comments (not suggestions) pertained to to the fact that no one (here) could know what the the young man wearing the tattoos thought they meant or what he thought others should glean from them. If you truly understood the Cabaret reference you would have known this. And please forgive me for inserting some sorta of humor.

          2. Tired of the bullshit

            You’re right. I am dense.

            Next time I see those tatts, I’ll be sure an add [ “88=HH” uh Happy Homo, Happy Holidays, Here Honey (suck on this) and my favorite – I got this damn elbow tatoo and now I’m worried my opera length gloves won’t cover it up.] as legit possibilites the tattoed one meant. The examples of a possible meaning you so brilliantly commented.

  25. When Axl stars in ChiChi’s next Black Bslled (that series must end), I’ll forgive. If that’s too much, then how about a trio with Race Cooper and Diesel Washington? Oh, and he has to kiss (no dry pecks allowed!). Only then will I think he’s not a Nazi. LOL

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