jack harrer gets fucked

And The BelAmi Bottom Is … Jack Harrer

No. You didn’t accidentally visit “The Onion” nor has #FakePorn come The Sword. Today in “Top To Bottom Land” is a very unlikely suspect: hung, power top Jack Harrer sees how the other half lives.

It’s been a few years. But there was a time when Jack Harrer was one the top bottoms at BelAmi. Seeing that big piece thwapping in the wind while his ass getting pounded has been the source of endless pleasure.

The same can be said for watching him fuck.

jack harrer gets fuckedI believe the last time Jack went legs up was over a year and a half ago when the likewise phallically-blessed Peter Annaud had the honors. Today, the lucky stiff belongs to Ronny Lamarr.

jack harrer gets fuckedBut first, Ronny too takes his place orally worshipping at the Jack Harrer altar.

jack harrer gets fuckedAndre Boleyn is having a stellar day himself. Only at BelAmi could 69-ing with Jack while Ronny taps that ass possibly be considered a consolation prize.

jack harrer gets fucked“I have a super idea,” said Jack. That is how all of this got started. But true enough, it’s not how you start, it’s how you finish. Today finished with Jack giving Andre a facial while Ronny pummeled Jack’s ass, Andre blasting Ronny right in the kisser, and Ronny topping them all off.

[Watch Jack, Andre, & Ronny in “Jack Gets Laid” at BelAmi]


2 thoughts on “And The BelAmi Bottom Is … Jack Harrer”

  1. Only Joel Birkin should be given the honor of tapping the fine ass of “top” man extraordinaire Jack Harrer. Yep there comes a time when even super endowed Jack has to give it up to a guy with even more superior endowment. Long be the reign of King Joel.

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