Sean Cody’s Jackson

Jackson is handsome, uncut, thick dicked, and a versatile top. In short, he’s just the right kind of new blood Sean Cody needs.

Jackson is 29-years-old and has been a massage therapist for the past seven years.

He takes his work very seriously – you won’t find him advertising on any back pages and any advances will be rebuffed even if that means he has to hold down the grabby ones.

That’s not to say he’s not sex-positive or secure in his own sexuality. In fact, very much so.

>sean cody jackson“I knew I was gay from four-years-old on. I used to make out with both boys and girls on a kindergarten field.”

sean cody jacksonMy first sexual experience with a guy was at a house party. It was really hot, Jut the idea. I didn’t know he was gay — so that was really hot. There was also no lube involved so it was painful. I don’t think there was any blowjobs – we went straight to sex.”

sean cody jacksonWhen I hook up with people, everyone really loves the foreskin. They love that I’m uncut so that’s good.”

sean cody jacksonI enjoy random sex. I enjoy bathhouses. I enjoy sex clubs — I’ve gotten more into those the last couple of years.

sean cody jackson“When I first came out, I was more bottom. It was easier to let someone else take charge. It took me a to find my confidence in all of that and then. I started becoming more of a top. So now, I enjoy them both equally.’

My ideal sex would be with somebody very playful. I like a lot of body contact. I love oral. I love big dicks. I love anal. Anything … I’m very, very open.”

sean cody jacksonIn the first round, Jackson put on a quite the show. It ends with him jacking upside down and blowing his load right on his face and then, he makes a snack of it. The second round shows off his body more and especially an ass that is just begging with the window promise. And load number two, another gusher, perfectly captured.

While there was no specific talk of his return, he sure is able. And seemingly willing. Let’s hope it happens fast.

[Watch Jackson at Sean Cody]

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Another take: see what John Tegan over at GayDailyHot has to say about this scene.



7 thoughts on “Sean Cody’s Jackson”

  1. He said “I don’t think there was any blowjobs – we went straight to sex.”, so blowjobs aren’t part of sexual activities for him?!

    1. Yeah, finally again a guy without ugly ink, bearded, hairy and uncut. I hope he let his pubes grow natural again too and keep his razor away from it too. Jackson show yourself completely as nature made you.

  2. Now finally no hideous tattoos. I just hope he doesn’t lose his immune system. I would love to see a condom in this scenes with others. That will show the world!

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